n yet another feat of humiliation for India, CNN has rubbished New Delhi’s claim of shooting down a Pakistan F-16 warplane in a counter-strike in which two Indian MIG-21 aircraft were downed by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

In a report published Monday, the media house claimed that Pakistan used JF-17 Thunder jets to shoot down the Russian-made Indian MIG-21 aircraft. It merits a mention here that the JF-17 Thunder is a joint production of Pakistan and China.

The MIG-21 has been in service since the 1960s, and the Indian Air Force still says it “forms the backbone” of its fleet with about 200 in inventory.

Reportedly, Indian pilots call the old jet “the flying coffin” for the accidents it has been involved in.

Meanwhile, warmongering India, among recent acquisitions, has recently acquired an airborne early warning and control aircraft with Israeli technology and US airframes and US-made artillery it is deploying along the Kashmir line of control to replace the 1980s’ Swedish guns.

India wants even more new military technology, but it is often hamstrung by tight export controls from key suppliers like the US and Britain.