COAS extension excellent decision of PM


Leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. The professional military ethic is – loyalty to the nation, the military, and the unit, duty-selfless service. Selfless service is defined as putting the needs and goals of the nation, the military, your unit and your soldier ahead of your personal needs and interest.
The four individual values that all soldiers are expected to possess are courage, candor (being frank, open, honest, and sincere), competence is proficiency in required professional knowledge, judgment, and skills, while commitment means the dedication to carry out all unit missions and to serve the values of the unit, military, and the country. All COAS have it but Qamar Javed Bajwa is doing it with deep affection, its need to carry and complete all jobs.
Pakistan has been and will always remain promoter of peace as part of its national policy. Let there be no doubt that any misadventure and even the slightest breach of our national security will get a befitting response, and no sacrifice will be considered too great in accomplishing this sacred cause armed forces of Pakistan are highly motivated, battle hardened and fully aware of the multitude of threats to the country. The Pakistan’s Armed Forces are fully capable of deterring and defeating aggression across the complete spectrum of threat.
The Pakistan Army has played a pivotal and a unique role, sound character. Sacrifices rendered by our brave soldiers and officers for peace in the past are matchless.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has extended the tenure of Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. He is going to be serving the said position for another extra three years. The decision has been taken in view of the regional security environment. Prime Minister wishes to continue on with the same team especially after the tensions between India and Pakistan on the current Kashmir issue.
General Qamar Javed Bajwa is the 10th and current Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) of the Pakistan Army since 29 November 2016 belongs to soldiers’ family, passed out with the class of 62nd PMA Long Course in 1980. Graduate of Command and Staff in Canada and later attended and secured his graduation from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, United States. He also attended the National Defence University.
General Bajwa is known to have a sound understanding of Indian strategic ambitions in the region and experience of armed conflict on LoC in Kashmir. In December 2016, he was awarded Nishan-e-Imtiaz.
Operation Raddul Fasaad military operation by the Pakistani military in support of local law enforcement agencies to disarm and eliminate the terrorist sleeper cells started in his great leadership across the from 22 February 2017.
He has carried out great jobs. The year 2018 has been a complete success story for Pakistan’s security forces as through the ongoing countrywide Operation Raddul Fasaad they have not only been able to cleanse the society of the menace of terrorism to a great extent but have also broken the myth of fencing the Pakistan-Afghan border. Fencing of the Pakistan-Afghan border is a reality now. The project will benefit the peace-loving people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
COAS is proud of Pakistan Army for placing itself first and foremost on the line for accountability. Death penalty and imprisonment to its senior officers on charges of spying is a difficult but bold decision.
COAS person’s state of mind is that he implements the plan. Professionalism is important in the military for two significant reasons; first, the military leader is a public servant responsible for the defense of the nation; second, the military organization is often responsible for the life of its soldiers. Pakistan in war and he is doing both these jobs very well.
As DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has said, Pakistan would continue to stand by Kashmiris in their legitimate struggle for their right to self-determination is the leadership vision of the Chief of the Army Staff; the first chapter of the Art of War is about leadership and how to lead a team effectively.
COAS lead positively and on the right path to victory and to keep them out of danger. He cares about his nation and army, but also understands that there is a fine line between caring and enabling. The nation is going through difficult economic conditions and the country is facing many challenges. The civil-military leadership is on the same page for the first time in the history of the country for the nation’s development.
A person of strong and honorable character, committed to the professional military ethics, Pakistan & Pakistan Army’s key role in developing Pakistan. In the backdrop of CPEC’s 2nd phase, Afghanistan-US-Talaban talks, tension with India on Kashmir, PM Imran has taken a right decision at the right time by giving extension in the tenure of the Army Chief.
Prime Minister has taken a bold decision keeping in view the national interests. Bright future will be our destination if we manage to pass through the crisis with courage and stability. Pakistan Army is a disciplined institution, extensions or retirements for its officers don’t matter. Pakistan comes first. Leader always plays important role. In war, soldiers never change. Pakistani nation loves and respects him.