COAS extension?

When someone does something wrong it is always better to seek apology, unfortunately under intoxication of power we brush aside the idea and ultimately one has to suffer. But at national level one expects no such mistake occurs as it is being watched by everyone. No one can deny the fact that COAS extension was in the national interest but letter issued and signed by Prime Minister of Pakistan was not in order and was also against the rules. The moment this letter went viral on social media a debate started. My contention has been that Prime Minister is competent Authority to grant extension but modus operandi was faulty. Once it was pointed out that PM’s letter is not as per rules, a proper procedure should have been adopted and mistake should have been regretted rectified
PM has fleet of experts and advisors whose only job is to ensure that all orders and actions are undertaken strictly in accordance with the rules set by the government. This was major and glaring mistake understandably some one must have advised the Prime Minister. PM should have sacked him immediately that would have sent lesson to other advisors.
One may have many reservations on suo motto of Chief Justice of Pakistan but his right of exercising at any time cannot be objected by anybody. When Gen Bajwa’s term was extended some quarters did express apprehensions but soon it ended and it was accepted at a happy note
With such heavy fleet of advisors and special assistants looks that Prime Minister has not been given proper advise. This simply reflects that Prime Minister is surrounded by incompetent team and it simply reflects their incompetence that they are ignorant about the rules and regulations. This is outright insult to PM office and GHQ that could have been avoided. The matter being so important and sensitive the best course of action keeping in view limited time available government should have apologised for procedural errors and it can be said with certainty that SC bench headed by CJ may have accepted the government’s apology with directions to complete the formalities. If the proceeding go beyond 29 November 2019, Gen Bajwa shall stand retired. The government’s only option shall rest in imposition of emergency that would further complicate the issue. We have seen the fate of Gen Musharraf’s emergency who is still facing trial in absentia.
This is not a case in isolation there are other irregularities being committed by government in not appointing head of institutions, adhocism continues un abetted. Agreed that PTI had no experience in governance except KPK that demanded a dedicated small team of advisors to guide the Prime Minister why it was nit done?
Except for Gen Kayiani all other generals approved their own extension, but in case of Gen Kayani proper procedure was followed, had proper procedure been adopted in case of Gen Bajwa the situation could have been avoided. But the fact remains that this is something distasteful and should not have happened. It is hoped that government shall adopt a respectable way out instead of fighting the problem should accept its mistake, otherwise it will have far reaching consequences.

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