Confronting mounting challenges

The pressure is mounting on PPP by NAB courts due to startling disclosures of corruption by their facilitators. Since the corruption is fully documented that is what is worrying Zardari as such he has launched Bilawal Bhutto to put pressure on Imran Khan without realising that these cases were instituted by NAB much before Imran came in to power.
In the back drop of this sharp criticism by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman PPP is understandable. Someone gives a statement about 18th amendment airs his views about presidential government and there comes salvos from PPP against the government and the media. Everyone knows it could be wishful thinking because it requires constitutional amendment and that is only possible with two third majority. So what is the fuss about it? Military courts were set up by political governments through dialogue with all the political parties and consensus, it has nothing to do with the military as they never demanded establishment of military courts.
Chairman PPP has criticized DG ISPR on his press conference because he talked about foreign and interior matters his criticism is not justified. When you view any issue out of context you cannot reach to proper conclusion. If some party receives money from RAW, NDS and Indian agency it attracts provision of national security and it becomes exclusive domain of the army. The army cannot sit silent spectator and allow few people to disturb the peace of country. The money received from enemies of Pakistan is used for terror activities therefore if DG ISPR has given briefing on it and this should have been welcomed by all the political parties. Pakistan army is shedding their blood to save the country from these paid terrorists and shall never allow handful people to sabotage their efforts and their sacrifices God forbid go waste. There is no substitute for human life, be it a civilian or our young soldiers officers are sacrificing their lives to ensure safety of people of Pakistan.
PTM is a sponsored program funded by our enemies is no more a secret therefore we should be careful while making lose statements. It is so strange that a group of intellectuals start supporting such people instead supporting the government. One gets surprised to read editorials articles and outright support in their favor. The point to understand is that sources of government and intelligence agencies are much more and bigger than those claim to know everything.
No one is holding talk shows about negative propaganda by BBC and VOA who have suddenly gone so active against Pakistan. One should think deeply how PTM leaders have been brought in all of a sudden and started getting favorable response from our media. What business has BBC or VOA to discuss our issues so openly, why our press is not condemning their interference in our internal matters. It is so strange that in spite of Nirander Modi’s statement that Bangladesh was created by them and they should be thankful to India but our intellectuals continue posing Mujib as hero and not traitor. Agartala case was a proven case of sedition but our politicians forced Ayub Khan to free him, this is part of history and no one can deny these facts. PTM came in lime light after Naqeebullah murder and they did not get justice. However government did attend their issues and gave patient hearing but complete justice was not given. At the same time no government can tolerate foreign interference through anybody. We have seen how MQM operated in Karachi, thank God it is all controlled now, we cannot allow any element to challenge the writ of the government.
We have seen the immediate reaction of DG ISPR press conference from across the border when large number of terrorists crossed over from across the border and fired on our troops while they were fixing the fence killing our three soldiers besides wounding seven. Although our troops retaliated and have caused much more damage to enemy. But to our utter surprise there has not been any sharp reaction by our media or political parties except lip service on this incident why? It is not first time that our media has taken such incidents lightly but it requires rethinking on our part. Our existence is with the state of Pakistan, if anything happens it affects us all. Our recognition is Pakistan and only Pakistan, therefore we must love it. Nations which leave their narrative ultimately perish. Time to put up united front, for that it is the government that has to take first step.

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