Conspiracies abound

After general elections of 2018 it was hoped that the turmoil, confrontation, personal conflicts between PML N and PTI would end and a new beginning in politics shall be made. But as expected as per practice in vogue there was cry that elections were arranged and Imran Khan is not elected but selected prime minister. This is the real face of democracy which our politicians love so much. An effort was made by certain group of media to give impression as if it was the establishment that was behind the show. Yes, they were there only to ensure that no party indulges in bogus voting and rules set by Election Commission are followed in true letter and spirit, and they ensured it barring few places where ill disciplined workers tried to create disturbances but were immediately controlled. We don’t find an ideal situation anywhere in the world. For those critiques if establishment had to play some part in that case Imran should have won with comfortable margin rather than being dependent on small coalition parties. Therefore, allegations are baseless and devoid of logic.

It is just 6 months of PTI’s government the situation is getting complex and confused due to certain happenings that have erupted as pre planned and point towards conspiracies. It is very unfortunate that Imran Khan had to rely on crutches to form the government at the centre, Punjab and coalition in Baluchistan, but crutches only help you to stand and walking has to be done by you. With all these limitations he is trying to walk but hurdles are being created to stop his journey towards making new Pakistan. It must be categorically stated that Supreme Court and army has irrevocably stated that they will support democracy and nobody will be allowed to derail it, any change if at all has to come it has to be through constitutional route and no short cut will be allowed. Therefore opposition has no choice except to accept the ground realities.

Since Imran Khan’s takeover of the government, opposition has not yet reconciled that he is the elected prime minister of Pakistan and shall stay as long as has the support and requisite strength of MNA’s. It is true he has just majority of 7 votes in the house that can be tilted any time at a very short notice but again it is not that easy. Taking advantage of this situation an artificial hype has been created by opposition, media, anchors, journalists as if government has failed to deliver and small incident anywhere in Pakistan it is exploited by media and opposition to the disliking of the people at large. The major jolt has come to PTI due to devaluing of the rupee and coupled with other certain actions of the government, had wisdom prevailed this situation could have been averted.

Government and opposition are two important pillars of the parliament in democratic country but our attitude reflects that we have no respect for the parliament. Day by day gap of hatred between government and opposition is widening and no one has come forward to make them realize that this is not good for the health of both sides. The supremacy of the parliament is to be protected by actions and not by threats. Opposition by opposition parties is understandable but when coalition partners also join hands and start speaking other language that is something very serious. Take the case of present coalition at the centre. MQM is not happy want more ministries and that too of their own choice. Likewise PML Q is behaving like opposition. Resignation of Punjab provincial minister is disturbing. Common factor is powers and powerful ministries. That simply reflects the mindset of our politicians. It clearly makes things abundantly clear they are not interested in the welfare and problems of people but their politics is confined to their own boundary walls and self interest. Prime Minister is not at all happy with this situation that keeps holding regular meetings to bring order within the party. His key minister’s performance is no good except Sheikh Rasheed that helps media and pseudo intellectuals to exploit the situation to their maximum to put more pressure on Imran Khan. Bureaucracy has not much changed are in no mood to help the government instead their actions are helping opposition.

Sahiwal tragic incident and its subsequent poor handling by Punjab government reflect poor governance. Had people of Model Town massacre been punished this incident may not have occurred. Sahiwal case is likely a mistaken identity even then there is no justification for police to kill anybody on mere suspicion. It is out right brutality. They could have easily arrested them. Why this course was not adopted has to be answered by the shooters? This incidence has turned like gold mine for print and electronic media as they are fully exploiting this incidence and under this cover are criticizing Imran Khan for which there is no justification. It is a provincial subject and necessary actions against CTD officials have been taken. Such incidents keep taking place with regular intervals but are not followed by proper action and cases linger on for years. We must amend laws to hang such people on such heinous crimes to make it deterrent. Just the other day a bus heading for Punjgor from Karachi hit another truck as a result 27 people died on the spot besides injuring few, but there is no criticism against the bus owner or for that matter against anybody except the driver. Such incidents are highly condemnable but we should not be politicking on such incidents. Sahiwal incident has no relevance with any other incident taken place at different places, it is an extra ordinary case therefore requires extra ordinary measures to ensure no such incidence takes place. It requires proper legislation and deterrent punishment in shortest possible time to meet the ends of justice.

What is happening in the parliament, our heads hung in shame? Right of protest in the parliament does not mean hooliganism or absolute free hand to damage the prestige of house by making noise and turn the house in to fish market. We do witness such Tamasha in other parliaments of the world but its duration is very little. Six months is enough period, let sanity prevailing and house is brought to order so that some legislation is done. No one is doing any service to any party or the country, we must be aware about the internal and external conspiracies against Pakistan. If we destabilize government that would not harm Imran Khan but Pakistan, the difference not understood by many. In the words of Douglas MacArthur “The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It’s old age struggle. The roar of the crowd on one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other.”

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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