Corrupt mafia’s rebellion against the State


It is very unfortunate that corrupt mafia in Pakistan is up in arms against the state and is now openly indulging in acts of rebellion.

One may agree with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief who has alleged that Ahad Cheema, the head of LDA is the front man of Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Similar allegations have been leveled by the civil society of Punjab.


They i.e., civil society maintain that Shahbaz Sharif, the CM of Punjab is more corrupt than his brother, the former PM of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif last year had said to his close cronies that Shabaz and his son Hamza have indulged in massive corruption but people blame me. Whatever the case may be, it’s true that Shahbaz along with his trusted Bureaucrat has been exploiting the resources of the province for himself, his near and dear ones as well three wives he maintains.

The NAB chairman is right when he ordered the arrest of Ahad Cheema in the scam of Ashiana Housing Scheme in which Shahbaz is an active partner, it is alleged. When Ahad Cheema was arrested, (the NAB has legal power to arrest anyone indulging in corruption while enjoying official position), the other bureaucrats hardly twenty in number and part and parcel of the loot, went on strike, a rare phenomena in Pakistan civil setup.

Commenting on the arrest of Cheema, renowned lawyer and law expert Aitezaz Ahsan wondered as to why so many hue and cry is being made over the arrest of Cheema. Let the law take its own course, he asserted.

About the strike by the few bureaucrats, many well-placed persons have divulged that that the CM of Punjab is behind the strike, because he knows very well that when the proceedings of NAB will move further, he too might be arrested. Actually the whole Sharif family has used the politics as means to earn illegal money through kick-backs and other questionable means falling in the category of corruption. His daughter, also guilty of tampering and concealing the documents of her property, is now using the war songs in public meetings especially in Mansehra teasing the establishment otherwise the war songs are meant to boost the spirits of Pakistani soldiers fighting against the enemies.

It is an open rebellion against the state to destabilize it and allow the enemy especially India to take advantage of the current situation in Pakistan, said a renowned lawyer in Mansehra.

In other words the ousted PM, his daughter and his brother have joined hands to save their ill-gotten money at the cost of Pakistani nation. During the last thirty-five years, the Sharif family has done more harm to the country by looting the national exchequer than serving the people. Their claims regarding making Pakistan stronger through economic development as well consolidating the flagging democracy are just an eye wash. Yet it is very strange to note that the ousted PM is up against his own party government headed by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who says that his prime minister is the ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and not anyone else. Then the big question is why not he resigns and let someone else take his position and serve Pakistan?

However the existing political and economic situation in Pakistan is very precarious, the enemies from within and without are active to destablise the country and the one person to blame for the present mess is the ousted dishonest Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who wants to save his ill-gotten wealth, accumulated through questionable means, at the cost of Pakistani state.

To my mind the Judicuary must take immediate steps to discourage the present trends in Pakistani politics otherwise irritable damage will be done to the state. Nawaz Sharif is not a popular leader like Z.A Bhutto and not bold enough to face the charges against him, hence he is emotionally exploiting the poor masses against the historic verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. However, his emotional exploitation cannot help him for long as his corruption now stands exposed.