CPEC blessing for regional peace and prosperity

Ayesha Alam : China-Pakistan economic corridor is expected to bring about both peace and prosperity in South Asia. This corridor will incorporate 2,000 kilometer transport link between-Kashgar-North-Western China to Pakistan. It will improve the structure of region. Regional connectivity is one of the most important aspects of Pakistan foreign policy. This corridor will also be helpful increasing regional stability in South Asia. Pakistan is located at a very strategically important place on the globe. Pakistan has world fifth largest reserves of copper Gold project in Balochistan, second largest reserves of salt and sixth largest reserves of coal in Punjab. Construction of phase 1 started in March 2002 which completed December 2006. Main purpose of this corridor is to achieve the economic and political goals through trade and development. China leading the South Asian region through Pakistan. Energy crisis which our nation is facing now a days has made the economy unstable and created hurdles in foreign investment. India in the some way is creating good relations with Afghanistan to construct the Chahbahar port and making good relations with Afghanistan to encircle Pakistan and Chinese economic ambitions. GDCP serves the interest of both the countries it provides China an easy access to the Arabian Sea to fulfill its energy resources. China being the nuclear neighbor of Pakistan is flourishing of the world. Pakistan consider CPEC is a life line opportunities for regional development. The purpose of economic corridor is to promote trade and commercial ties through connectivity. Establishment of economic stakes to facilitate the process of peace. PRC inter in large number of agreement with different countries. Asia,Africa,Latin America to promote economic, commercial, trade, relations, regional connectivity, infrastructure, energy, industrial parks, agricultural development, poverty alleviation, financial cooperation as well as livelihood improvement and including municipal infrastructure, education, public health and people to people contact, peace and prosperity can be achieved with economic advancement. CPEC is considered economically vital to Pakistan in helping it drive economic growth. Investment plan will transform Pakistan into a regional economic hub. Pakistan infrastructure and power project will lead to a various cycle that will make the country more attractive for regional investment.
China is new emerging power in world-India does not want to see strong Sino-Power in Asia. The major reality is that China is going to invest in Pakistan history ever biggest FDI in Pakistan, China-Pakistan economic corridor will become a strong pillar of economic, commercial and cultural connectivity between both. China Pakistan economic corridor becomes a meeting point of world, four famous high altitude mountain ranges, the Himalaya, Hindukush, Karakorum and Pamirs. CPEC under BRI is set to develop and upgrade the existing connectivity linkages with the Middle East, Central Asian and African to facilitate movement of goods and people without any delays and cost CPEC had made Pakistan a hub of regional connectivity. In current circumstance BRI and CPEC is very important for balance of strategic power in South Asian region. The CPEC is game changer because through this mega project both Pakistan and China is promoting a new regionalism through economic, and energy, through roads and railways making Pakistan the most important for regional cooperation in current situ ation. BRI and CPEC basically changed the balance of power from the West to the East. In Pakistan peoples considered CPEC as a positive revolution for Pakistan economic development. It will be the source of progress and prosperity for the largest and most underdeveloped province of Pakistan. In the rapidly changing geo-strategic and security environment, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor aims to bring economic and social prosperity to this backward area. BRI and CPEC will strengthen the strong existing ties between China and Pakistan and will facilitate them in facing regional and global challenges together. One belt and one road (OBOR) & CPEC are very important for connectivity. Paramount leaders float ideas to raise their nations and also develop their regions. The initiative Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) and 21Ist Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR) also called as one Belt One Road (OBOR) initative it is a developmental strategy and framework proposed by Chinese President Xi-Jnping. The aims of this developmental strategy are the connectivity and cooperation among China and the people of Eurasia Countries. The project of OBOR covers regions and countries with total population of 4-4 Billion and total economic volume of US $ 21 trillion. It is 63% of world’s total population and 29% of world’s total economic volume. This developmental framework has two components Silk Road economic Belt (SREB) and Sea Based Maritime Silk Road (MSR). Great President Xi-Jinping proposed the initiative that China and Central Asia should jointly build the Silk Road Economic Built to promote cooperation. The main objective of overland based road of China is integration of the region in to economic area, through road, railway links, increasing cultural exchange and extended trade. OBOR initiatives emphasized on inter connectivity among different regions of the world. This developmental plan has some significance for Pakistan as well as China. CPEC is shared vision of both Countries leadership .The peoples of both countries also supported this common vision.
The CPEC will improve economic, commercial as well as geostrategic environment in Pakistan. The world has become a global village. The globalization made the world even smaller and making it more connected. Globalization gave birth to stronger geo-political and economic relations between countries of the world. China as a coming superpower Pakistan will be happy to open Gwadar for China security, strategic and economic importance usage. US and India is worried about China activities in Indian Ocean, China and Pakistan to strengthen their cooperation further. Pakistan-China naval strategic cooperation is real challenges for Indo-US ambition of dominating the Indian Ocean. It is important that both maintain close communication and coordination to protect common interests and foster a peaceful and stable environment in the region. Pakistan and China are brother countries. Both countries have a great shared history of common love, respect and cooperation. Pakistan and China friendship is like the relation among on beautiful pearl and Ocean. They both greatly complement each other. The vastness of Chinese heart and uniqueness of Pakistan culture, make China-Pakistan stand all in our today modern world, we appreciate and respect Chinese contribution toward our economic development as well strategic cooperation.
All of Pakistan people show their love for China like this Pakistan-China Dosti Zindabad, Zindabad, during war and peace, through good times and bad, despite turbulent ups and downs in regional and international relations, Pakistan-Chain friendship is one shinning lamp that has weathered all storms and continues to be an anchor of stability in a world buffeted by headwinds of one kind or the other.
Let us stand shoulder to shoulder and work for the brighter future of China Pakistan relations.
China Pakistan Dosti Zindabad! (Long live China Pakistan friendship!)

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