ISLAMABAD: Central Asian Republics would like to partner and participate in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor however there is a strong need to provide ample assistance and support to have clear information about several projects and opportunities within CPEC to invest or partner in order for the countries of the region to take the maximum benefit and strengthen the overall concept of the entire corridor. For the peace, stability, prosperity and development in the region, peace in Afghanistan is also essential wherein Pakistan and the collaboration with the entire regional countries needs to done.

These are the views of the Ambassadors of the Central Asian Countries speaking at the seminar on “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Opportunities for Central Asian Republics” organized by Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies and Preston University Islamabad, says a Press release.

While speaking on the occasion, Barlybay Sadykov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan said about the prospects of the development in the CPEC is tremendous and this project provides ample opportunities for the entire region to benefit.

He said Kazakhstan supported the Belt and Road initiative and its connected projects and is eager to participate in the CPEC and connectivity projects. Ambassador further highlighted the deep-rooted relations between Pakistan and Kazakhstan. Erik Beishembiev, Ambassador of Kyrgyz Republic to Pakistan, during his presentation talked at length about the potential of Kyrgyzstan about the important country in the Belt and Road initiative of China.

The Ambassador highlighted various connectivity projects that was initiated and are currently ongoing wherein these are playing an important role in the furthering the connectivity and strengthen the CPEC projects. Beishembiev also talked about the opportunities that Kyrgyzstan has to offer to Pakistan.

Sherali Jononov, Ambassador of Republic of Tajikistan said that CPEC is a very important project for the regional peace and stability. There is a strong need for Pakistani students and public to learn more about the countries of the Central Asian region and also advise students to do research and study in order to increase the knowledge as this will help to improve the ties between the states of the region and Pakistan.

He said that world recognize the sacrifices that Pakistan has made to promote peace and stability for the entire region. He was of the opinion that there is a need for the comprehensive plan for the countries of the region to have the clarity and knowledge about the potentials and ways for the investment and collaboration in the CPEC.

Furkat Sidikov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan said that Uzbekistan has a huge potential as regional torch bearer of peace and stability. He was referring to the recent summit of peace and stability in Afghanistan organized by Uzbekistan to promote the regional consensus for the common approach towards the security. Uzbekistan is also interested in CPEC as it will be providing the country and its booming economy an easy access towards the largest market through sea in few days’ time which was earlier not possible. He said that the country is willing to contribute and support Pakistan in the CPEC projects.