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Nowhere in the world are criminals accorded such high protocols as we daily witness on various TV channels in Pakistan. Their movements are covered as if some head of state is visiting some important place. If this is called freedom of media then nation does not want this type of freedom. The cases were instituted by previous government after detailed investigation based on documented corruption, it is the system that spoils the whole show and people get away easily by engaging lawyers of repute. What is a documented corruption? It is an open corruption to gain undue and illegal benefits depriving state of hard earned money. This does not require years to punish the culprit. In such cases only the quantum of punishment is to be decided. Unfortunately we are still following the old system left behind by our masters. It appears that it was intentional to continue with old system as it suited them the most as they could not be held accountable.
You hear too often from great leaders of this country that jail is their second home and they welcome it. Such statements certainly reflect the mindset of our politicians. There was a time when if a policeman was seen knocking at the door of somebody, that person would hide his face out of shame from neighbors. Now it has become matter of pride. It is because of excessive protocol given to them and jails are no more old jails but give impression of 5 star hotels. The nation is equally surprised to see these looters of public money dictating terms and conditions how they should be treated in jails. Over and above we have vibrant media which openly comes in their support instead total black out of their movement and activities. How on earth TV channels give live coverage of the people arrested on various corruption charges and if something happens just blame the army as we witness certain anchors playing role of facilitators.
Nowhere in the world is this system followed, press plays very important and responsible role and such characters are never shown on the TV channels. We talk so much of press freedom that too has been granted by the dictators and not by civilian governments, how strange it looks when they accuse the establishment? Actually the rating of anchor is measured how much he criticizes the establishment, judiciary and intelligence agencies. Imagine the attitude of some intellectuals coming openly in support of PTM leaders who attacked army post and killed some soldiers. The nation is fully aware about the Paid Contents.
Another hoax is Production Order of those who are facing corruption charges, in fact such people should themselves be sitting quiet in some corner instead crying for allowing them to sit in the assembly. When they come for investigation bring hoards of workers to put pressure on courts and this is also given wide coverage. What a mockery of rules? More surprising is when some media persons hold talk shows in support of such people ignoring most important national issues. Under the cover of production order requisition of assembly session is given on the basis of numerical strength so that person involved sits in the assembly to avoid jail. In fact till such time they are cleared of the charges as minimum punishment their membership should be suspended by the speaker. Since this is common disease with all the political parties they should all agree to suspension till such time proper legislation is not done. Enough is enough if anyone talks against state, abuse army and judiciary and any channel gives coverage to such elements or holds talk shows, the channel should be closed. PEMRA as usual is toothless and has no bite, fine of Rs one million on grave violations is not even pea nut when they are making billions of rupees.
Our recognition is because of our country, the savior of the country are the armed forces and judiciary is there to award punishments to such elements, therefore any hostility against these institutions from any person or direction needs to be crushed with iron hands. Prime Minister should make laws and assign tasks to Ministry of Law to bring amendments where criminals, corrupt, looters and plunderers are dealt like ordinary criminals. It will be interesting if the government provides details of security expenses and medical expenditure spent on such category of people.
It has also been noticed that such people are provided VVIP security and bullet proof vehicles that is what irritates the common man who face all type of torcher while in jail or when facing investigations. It is worthwhile to quote some extract from the speech of former president of USA Barrak Obama when he was in his second term. He was speaking to party workers and said “I am in my second term as President of USA, I cannot imagine great honour than this, and it is interesting job. I work my work. Under the constitution I cannot run again. I think I am a pretty good President and I could win but I can’t. I want the America keep moving but the Law is law, and no person is above the law including the President. I don’t understand why people want to stay so long when they have plenty of money”. Just compare our political culture with what Obama said. Here laws are amended to stay in power on individual convenience. Unfortunately we never tried to establish healthy traditions and failed to create leadership for the country and ended up in dynastic politics. Surprisingly seasoned and well groomed politicians left their identity and fell prey to leaders sons or daughters and agreed to work under immature political leadership and per force had to support them with heavy heart, so no change could be brought in the politics of Pakistan. Imran Khan’s rise in politics is blessing in disguise who picked up the courage and challenged the status quo but had to rely on turn coats to form the government, hence is helpless in the hands of smaller groups till such time he can manage a larger group to join hands with PTI, if this happens we shall certainly see Naya Pakistan in the making.
And thus the foreseeable change is already pointing fingers to the end of misuse of electronic media to promote the interests and become a voice of those who can afford it. Not the finance and power but morality and ethics should be abided by and in doing so PEMRA has a huge role to play as an independent and transparent regulatory body.

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