Why criticize Imran on the release of Pilot?


Pakistan’s air force shot down two Indian warplanes near the L o C while they violated the air space; out of two aircrafts one fell in occupied Kashmir the other in Pakistan territory the pilot bailed out and was captured by our troops. The dramatic escalation came only hours after Pakistan said mortar shells fired by Indian troops from across the frontier dividing the two sectors of Kashmir killed six civilians and wounded several others. But Prime Minister Imran urged calm and called for dialogue to ease the tension between the nuclear armed neighbors.

On Feb 14 a suicide bomber a native young Kashmiri attacked by ramming his vehicle loaded with 250 kg explosive in to the military convoy that killed over 40 Indian soldiers in Indian controlled Kashmir. India blamed Pakistan and on 26 Feb India carried out airstrikes deep in Pakistani territory, purportedly targeting the terror group Jaesh Muhammad luckily no damage was caused except few trees and a crow was killed. India claimed killing 300 terrorists of Jaesh Muhammad, so far India has failed to provide any proof and Modi is under sharp criticism by opposition for telling lies to the nation. Pakistan sent a clear warning that this will not be tolerated and Pakistan will strike back place and time of his own choosing. On 27 Feb Pakistani jets dropped shells on 6 pre designated places on the Indian side ensuring no collateral damage is done. It was to send clear message to India that Pakistan has the ability and capability to strike any target anywhere in India. Indians reacted and sent its warplanes to hit some targets, having struck the targets Pakistan was fully prepared and as anticipated Indian air planes intruded in our space our PAF was ready to welcome them and was able to shoot down two Indian jets one fell in Pakistani territory and the other one on India’s side of Kashmir. The pilot Wing Comdr Abhi Nandan whose plane fell in Pakistani territory bailed out and was captured. What happened after his capture is known to the entire world.

With all this negative attitude Prime Minister Imran Khan offered talks to de-escalate the situation, with known facts that India and Pakistan hold nuclear weapons. It is certain both countries shall avoid using nuclear weapons and so called limited war shall remain conventional and India definitely enjoys superiority in all respects, but we are used to take on our enemy with limitations and that shall not deter us in any way.

Prime Minister’s diplomatic pre-emptive strike has baffled Mr. Modi when Imran Khan announced release of captured pilot unconditionally as a peace gesture that has been appreciated by the world at large. It was certainly a bad news for those anchors and analysts who were trying to impose their narrative of retaining the pilot. They failed to understand that we are not at war with India, it was violation of L o C and they were dealt as per the rules of the game. The captured pilot did not enjoy the status of POW but an intruder. Imran Khan’s announcement shattered the dreams of those who wanted further confrontation and bargaining on our pending issues. Pakistan has won diplomatically and issue of Kashmir is now widely understood by all those who used to sit like silent spectators. Another grand and spectacular achievement has been the resolution of OIC held in UAE supporting our view point in spite of our boycott due to invitation extended to Foreign Minister of India. This must be put on record that first time OIC that too in the presence of Indian Foreign Minister adopted a resolution calling for an immediate halt to the continuing gross human rights violations of innocent Kashmiris by Indian Occupation forces. Invitation to India to come in OIC was considered a major diplomatic success where as Pakistan even without participation got India labeled a terrorist state and as an occupier in Jammu and Kashmir and asked member states to provide humanitarian assistance.The entire credit goes to Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi for such wonderful success. Imran Khan’s continued success at home and on diplomatic front has bewildered our opposition and negative thinkers but without any public support. People of Pakistan are proud of their armed forces and shall never let them down. Imagine if Imran Khan had not bowled googley and released the pilot it would have certainly become part of OIC resolution. India fell flat and it has been most insulting for foreign minister of India who is now being criticized by the Indian congress and some in house leaders. On the other hand people are advocating Noble Peace Prize for Imran Khan due to his diplomatic success throughout the world, but he has refused to accept the offer as it should go to that person who should get the rights of Kashmiris who are struggling for independence since 1948.

Imran Khan’s gesture of release of pilot has been hailed by billions of people of India, their anchors, journalists and renowned writers, retired chief justice and high profile dignitaries and some people from within BJP.Under the circumstances Mr. Modi is well advised to sit across the table and read on the wall what his own junta is saying. In the words of Sahir Ludhyanwi


The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.