Deeper Pakistan involvement in SCO Summit

Pakistan has pledged to contribute phenomenally to the progress of SCO’s goals and objectives in the political, security and economic areas. The Prime Minister’s engagement with world leaders President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin supported further impetus to Pakistan’s all-weather vital collaborative partnership with China. The Prime Minister’s communication with the leaders of Central Asian Republics at the summit was steady with Pakistan’s vision of deeper involvement targeted at additional progress in the political, economic and trade, energy, culture and people-to-people areas. On the invitation of the President of Kyrgyz Republic, Sooronbay Jeenbekov, Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Bishkek to attend the 19th Meeting of the Council of the Heads of State of SCO Member States on 13-14 June. It was Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first attendance in SCO Summit-level event and his presence at the Bishkek Summit indicated the high significance that Pakistan gives to SCO as a trans-regional platform. In Bishkek, Prime Minister Imran Khan held bilateral meetings and interactions with the Presidents of People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Republic of Belarus. He also had unofficial exchanges with other involving leaders. The Prime Minister affirmed Pakistan’s disapproval of terrorism in all its forms and evidence including State-terrorism against people under unlawful occupation. He also stressed that Pakistan had successfully turned the flow against terrorism and remained steady to share its experience and know- how in counter-terrorism with SCO partners. He emphasized that the main ever- changing needed to be shifted from conflict to collaboration for constant peace and happiness in South Asia.
During the prolonged session, the Prime Minister along with other SCO leaders signed 14 historic decisions on SCO’s future preferences connected to political, security, trade and economic and cultural cooperation. The participating Leaders also signed the Bishkek Declaration. The Bishkek Declaration is a thorough document stressing the “Shanghai Spirit” labeled by mutual faith and gain, fairness joint consultations, regard for cultural variety and dream for cooperative development. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi signed three SCO documents comprising agreement on cooperation in the context of physical civilization and sports, agreement on media cooperation and work scheme for cooperation in the area of healthcare.
Prime Minister proposed a course of action for SCO, for example strengthening SCO’s vision of cooperation that rejects conflict, and develops the need of peaceful living together at the regional and international levels. Bringing to a touching arrangements for trade in local currencies, and establishing SCO Fund and SCO Development Bank. Promoting food security and increasing cooperation in health and humanitarian sectors. Fighting corruption and white collar crimes. Preferring women and youth empowerment by activating the Women Forum and the Youth Council. Launching feasibilities for establishing SCO Centers of Excellence on poverty alleviation. Subsequent to OIC meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan met major regional leaders at the SCO. He reaffirmed some identical points as he stated at the OIC such as heightening Islamophobia. Nevertheless needing to aim more on local issues facing the regional population, member countries affirmed support for several projects, comprising Pakistan’s continuing work with China, as well as poverty mitigation and economic development. One important brief, encounter was PM Khan’s courtesy exchange with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Pakistan is waiting for India to agree to bilateral peace dialogue. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told that Pakistan is knowingly choosing to take the tough road and with full self-respect. Contemplating on the respect given to Pakistan at the SCO, Pakistanis should feel driven about future expectation of the country, for a minimum as far as the regional economy is relevant. Nevertheless talks of better link and encouragement of tourism are perhaps lower preference than regional strength. Terrorism should have obtained more talk time in Bishkek; many of the member countries face the wonders, which obstruct them from reaching full capacity. In the past, terror attacks in Pakistan have been claimed to have been carried out by radicals with Uzbek or other nationalities. In case if Pakistan becomes stronger within the SCO, the world powers will wish to be on more sympathetic terms with us. With significant personalities for example Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani depicting respect towards Pakistan.
Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation stated that Pakistan is a charming investment destination and a large market blessed with rich resources. Pakistan has significantly young citizens of Pakistan It is blessed with enormous energy and creative spirit other qualities include a huge trained human resource, a large agrarian foundation, phenomenal tourism capacity, different mineral wealth, and a developed IT infrastructure. Gwadar Port traces the only point of concentration of the maritime Belt and the overland Road. CPEC is intended to enable the creation of an incorporated Asian area of shared prosperity. There was menace from terrorism to climate change to narcotics opposition. Further there were increasing hindrances to open trade and innovation as well as growing narrow mindedness and Islamophobia. Pakistan denounces terrorism in all forms including state terrorism against people under unlawful occupation. Pakistan fully supports efforts for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan through an Afghan- directed and Afghan-owned process. There was no military solution to the battle in Afghanistan. Pakistan urged all parties evolved in the Gulf and the Middle East to exercise restraint, take steps to defuse the situation and tackle solutions through diplomatic means.

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