Delegates visit CFPD, CCCC and China Daily


On Monday, 8th day of “New Stories of Belt and Road Initiatives” we left our hotel at 8:10 AM and reached our first destination of the day, China Foundation for Peace and Development (CFPD), where we were received and briefed by its Deputy Secretary General Liu Kaiyang. In this 1:15 hour meeting Kaiyang briefed us about the functioning of CFPD and on the developments by the ongoing BRI. He informed that under the BRI, China is emphasizing and promoting people to people contact, connectivity, developments and exchange programmes with others countries. He informed that CFPD is focusing on education in remote areas of neighboring countries. He said Pakistan is our primary Focus where we have experienced around 150 projects and opened a school in a remote Area. In Myanmar, China has opened 10 primary schoolsto educate children in remote areas.
Sudheendra Kulkarni in his address as the leader of the delegation represented Myanmar, Pakistan and India in their national languages very well and prayed for success of China which is emerging as Super Power. He said soon India will also be a partner of China in the belt and road projects which is the amazing development programme of China. He also introduced the idea of ‘New South Asia” powered by India-China-Pakistan cooperation.
After the meeting, I presented Sindhi Ajrak and Cap to Liu Kaiang and my book “Amazing China”. Ayesha Alam, another delegate from KPK, Pakistan also presented her book “Under the Shadow of Himalayas, China Relations Opportunities and Challenges” to him.
Our next visit was for the China Communication Construction Company Ltd (CCCC), where we were received and briefed by Zha Changmiao, Deputy General Manager of Enterprises Cultural Department and News Center, CCCC and Peng Dapeng, Vice President CCCC International. Zhao Jian gave presentation on multimedia about the CCCC’s international business and business in major countries, while Ms Li Jinyan, Director Bureau of Public Information and Communication, International Department, Central Committee of CPC conducted, handled and also addressed the meeting.
We were informed in this very well informative meeting that CCCC was founded in 1945 and established as listed company in 2005. The CCCC has completed 600 projects along with BRI and CCCC is one of the 500 Fortune Companies worldwide. CCCC’s slogan “Build a Better Connected World” attracted us a lot.
Replying to a question, Changmiao informed that CCCC is actively working in Pakistan for building of long highways, energy projects and in Karachi it is starting construction of a Ring Road and various others project.
Kulkarni, the leader of the Delegation addressed, appreciated initiative taken by CCCC. He said CCCC had done incredible projects of BRI and outside of the BRI.
Before this 1:30 hour meeting with the delegates of New Stories of Silk Road, Zhao Jian showed us Exhibition Hall of CCCC and informed company’s performances and services through displayed boards at the Hall.
After our 2nd visit, we came to hotel at 12:45 PM for lunch. After the Lunch, we went for our last visit of the day, the China Daily, which was most exciting for me because I have there above 30 friends already and I remained connected with the officials of China Daily from Pakistan.
At the China Daily Media Group, we were received by Zhu Qiwen, Managing Editor China Watch, connecting thinkers of The China Daily and Zhang Lu, Editor China Watch. They took us to their Seminar Hall for conducting the Seminar on BRI and also briefed the delegation. We were informed thatChina Daily (CD) is a state owned newspaper, founded on June 1, 1981. The CD attracts high-end readers, including diplomats, representatives of international organizations and transactional corporations, international media reporters and editors, as well as foreign tourists. China Watch is a supplement published as an insert in major newspapers in more than 20 countries, including The Washington Post.
After the Briefing, I presented Sindhi Ajrak and Caps and my 2nd book on China to our hosts while Aysha Alam presented her book on China. After the Seminar with CD, we visited different editorial sections of CD, and I presented my 9 books to my different friends in CD.
After the editorial departments’ visit,our hosts droppedus at our coach, provided by CPC for visits and we came back to hotel for dinner and rest.