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Delhi and Islamabad must end the stalemate


The Istanbul Peace Conference, which was the initiative of Turkey and Iran under the umbrella of China and the Soviet as well as the UN and for which the talented Foreign Minister from Islamabad tried to resolve the post US exit scenario and also to isolate Delhi during this major shift, has failed. The first reason is that now the Taliban are not independently sitting in Doha but actually the Qataris are facilitating them with the dictation from Washington.
And my observation based on my experience is: that now Washington must want to bring the Taliban in Kabul before their exit. They want to achieve this goal because of two main reasons: 1. Their safe move in this region
2. They do not want to waste their billions of dollars and sacrifice their Army men for the sake of the so-called Ashraf Ghani Government.
So the foreign minister Mr Qureshi, who had taken the task from the Pindi-wallahs and for which he had very swiftly moved between Tehran and Istanbul, now it all looks like an exercise in futility. I think the new initiative for this region looks like whoever has Washington as their beneficiaries, know very well that sans Delhi-Islamabad friendly relations, any effort will not result in a long lasting solution.
And I also think that the first meeting with the heads of the two Prime Agencies in Dubai has proven that Washington via Dubai, at least developed the main backdoor channel for diplomacy which looked highly unlikely in the past years.
It seems to me that the hardliner Modi also realized that for his third term in office, because it is such a tragic time when hundreds of thousands of innocent Indian citizens are succumbing to COVID-19 and when the entire country is going through a major health crisis, a situation which can only go from bad to worse in the coming days. Moreover, he cannot afford to get his government in another confrontation with Pakistan.
Another very important question arises here which we will analyse in detail in future, is that who is behind the recent Taliban’s show of strength in their usual style?
Allow me to reiterate that I have previously mentioned in my writings that in near future the Taliban are the key players in the region and I believe that they got this surge of confidence with the possible blessings from Washington.