Desalination plant in Karachi to start in July: Zubair

Desalination plant in Karachi to start in July: Zubair

KARACHI: Governor Sind Muhammad Zubair said that a “Business friendly Budget” should be called “people friendly”, Pakistan has come up difficult times. He was addressing a gathering of business community and industrialists at Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI). The Governor said that desalination plant is the most urgent need of Karachi’s citizens, I would ready to start the project on 1st of July, anyway, says a Press release.

Petron in chief of KATI SM Muneer, President KATI Tariq Malik, Senior Vice President Salman Aslam, Vice President Junaid Naqi, Chairman & CEO KITE DMC Zubair Chaya, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, SVP FPCCI Mazhar A Nasir, Khalid Tawab, Gulzar Firoz and others also expressed their views on this occasion.

Governor, Muhammad Zubair denounced the criticism of opposition parties on currently presented budget by Federal government. He said that government have to set collection targets for FBR and expenditure to run the stat function, if anyone is skeptic about it, newly elected government after upcoming election have all rights to change the estimates.
He said that usually the term “business friendly Budget” used as and contradiction to “people friendly budget”, I don’t see any dichotomy among both of this, the budget facilitates Business is people friendly in a true sense. He revealed that PML-N has decided to start operation in Karachi just after 2013 elections to resort law & order in the city.

He said due to Judicial directive regarding development projects during the last months of the government, many project facing delays and hurdles. He said that funds for desalination plant in Karachi have been approved in federal budget and he is ready to start the project on 1st of July.

Prior to this SM Muneer said that due to water shortage in Karachi Industry was facing a great deal of problems , industrial production was drastically effected and if the problems wouldn’t resolved soon, not only the country’s export would face a major se back but it cause a new wave of unemployment.

Muneer said that considerations for industry and exports sector could be improved in the budget, however it was satisfactory by and large. He also reminded the promises of government of Rs.400bn due refunds of exporters and demanded to fulfill the vows.

President KATI Tariq Malik said that the governor is considered representative of federation in province, though business community considers Muhammad Zubair as their representative in the federation. He also urged the governor to play his role to attract investment in Karachi. Chairman and CEO of KITE DMC suggested that the Governor could start development projects of Korangi Industrial Area, by Karachi Infrastructure Development Company (KIDC) which directly came under his authority.

Muhammad Zubair said that no one was even aware of CPEC back in 2013, PML-N lead government in federation not only triggered up this initiative but dozens of the projects under CPEC have been completed during the tenure. He mention that two power project of collective capacity of 1320 MW have been completed in short period of 23 months at Bin Qasim, and have become functional. He referred the current conflict between SSGC and K-Electric and said that it was suggested to The PM to issuer direct orders.

He said that SSGC adopted the way to recover its dues wasn’t acceptable, if other institution would start settling things in this manner, state functions could be collapsed. He said that Pakistan has come up hard times, back in 2013 no one was ready to invest in the country and now many of multinational companies and institutions declaring it as a next destination of their investment in coming years. He said that I fish for a free and fair upcoming election, because it is the only way to continue the development of Pakistan.