Dicot of Diplomacy and Interests

Since August5, the reign of barbarism unleashed by the India, Pakistan has been facing serious conundrums on the diplomatic frontline. People on the helm have been chanting that world is at sleep. Similarly, the voices can easily be audible that OIC is a toothless tiger as well as the bubble of an Islamic UMMAH has burst.
If we dig deep it can easily be palpable that consequential cause is weak and lethargic foreign policy. There is no denying the impression that on the one hand, Pakistan’s own house is out of order and entangled in the snare of grave quandaries like crippling economy, burgeoning population and outburst of polio have halted progress of the country. On the other hand, India’s coward decision to revoke article 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution has unveiled the malicious designs of the MODI’S government.
It is evident beyond the shred of doubt that it is the hard time for Pakistan’s intelligentsia to mainstream country’s foreign policy. Everybody is well aware of the famous phrase that in international relations, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests. In today’s world where markets and trade hold a vanguard position the importance of this phrase has increased manifold. It is disheartening to see UAE and KSA are following the similar approach where interests superseded humanity.
UAE and KSA have been facing serious backlash from the Pakistani side of not breaking the ice of Indian atrocities in the Kashmir. Lamentably, UAE awarded NARENDRA MODI with its highest civilian honor the order of ZAYED and in the 2016 MBS blessed MODI with the king Abdul Aziz sash, in the backdrop reason is outstanding interests. The bilateral trade volume between UAE and India hits 60 billion USD during financial year 2018-19, while UAE and Pakistan trade volume stood at 8.5 billion USD only. In a similar fashion, India-KSA trade stood at 27.5 billion USD and Pakistan-KSA trade is 7.5 billion USD.
In the words of PADELFORD and LINCOLIN that foreign policy is the key element in the process by which a state translates its broadly conceived goals and interests into concrete course of action to attain these objectives and interests.
It is a well documented fact that Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan but in the mean time, unluckily, shortsighted approach of our foreign policy has failed to dismantle KASHMIRIS from the brutalities of Indian armed forces. The role of any country’s foreign policy is gigantic and is actually the face of any nation. Foreign policy plays a role of torch-bearer it is a well-established fact that for an effective foreign policy it matters where on the globe a country is located whether it has well-equipped military might as well as it is territorially large and populous. In addition to this, it matters whether the population is prosperous and educated. Similarly, it matters who one neighbor and whether country is technologically developed.
The question is why USA and China sided with Pakistan the reason is interests. Donald Trump is in hurry to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible before the next election while China has been investing more than 64 billion USD in the Pakistan.
Clearly, it is the hard time for IMRAN KHAN to preserve the interests of the country in a best possible manner that ultimately gives rise to efficient and effective diplomacy. No doubt, there is no silver bullet but some bold steps are needed to turn a new page. Firstly, dependency on foreign loans cannot serve any country’s interests so it is need of the time Pakistan must get rid of this scourge. Secondly, at this critical juncture it is a good sign that civil-military are on the same page and continue with this spirit. Thirdly, Pakistan’s economy is appeared to be sinking like the titanic after ripping itself on the iceberg, government has to redress its economic policies because economically strong state can easily increase its area of influence USA, CHINA and INDIA are the shining examples of economically prosperous states. Lastly, Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and government must not leave any stone unturned to internationalize the Kashmir issue and spread the grievances of innocent Kashmiris to every nook and corner of the world.

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