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Does the government want serious talks with the angry Baloch?


The issue of Balochistan has been one of the most sensitive and delicate issues facing Pakistan. The real and possible motives for this problem are no longer a secret.There is no doubt that the rocky land of Balochistan is telling the painful story of its hunger, poverty, destitution and helplessness. Children deprived of the basic necessities of life are alive but are forced to live worse than they are. They are deprived of bread, clothing, water, health and education. Balochistan, rich in natural resources, is facing a social, economic and political crisis. The story of Balochistan is very old in which there is a story of broken promises. There are loud claims and apologies and disloyalty of the rulers.
People with different thinking, different minds and different views are living in this region,every human being talks of finding a solution to the problem of Balochistan according to his own thinking and political consciousness.Some people, like Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo, fought for the rights of Balochistan in a democratic way and are still fighting today.Some people, like Nowruz Khan, went to the mountains and took up arms and tried to get their rights from the state.The resistance movement in Balochistan started in the life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah when Agha Abdul Karim, the brother of Khan of Kalat, climbed the hills of Jhalawan with hundreds of his companions in 1948.This was the beginning of the resistance movement in Balochistan, and since then the resistance movement has continued. The Baloch are currently leading the fifth resistance movement for their rights.
There are many reasons for the sense of deprivation of the Baloch but one of the main reasons is the ban on the National Awami Party after the overthrow of the Baloch, Pakhtun elected governments by the PPP in 1972 and the assassination of the then Governor of NWFP Hayat Muhammad Khan Sherpao. The cases in the name of Hyderabad conspiracy case and the Baloch leaders were to be bound. The military operation, the overthrow of democratic governments, the political case were major tragedies and events which had such a profound effect on Balochistan in the following years that they have not been remedied till date.The manner in which Nawab Akbar Bugti was assassinated under Pervez Musharraf ignited a blazing fire in Balochistan, the fervor of which is still felt today.
A cricket stadium is being built in Gwadar; international hotels are being constructed. Lands worth billions of rupees are being bought and sold. The airport is being built; multinational companies are doing business. It is said that the development of Gwadar will bring prosperity to Balochistan, Baloch people will get jobs and their lives will change. Despite all the claims, the people of Gwadar are still deprived of basic amenities. Even today, the people there do not have access to clean drinking water. According to a report in Gwadar, “80 per cent patients come to the hospital on a daily basis with complaints of stomach ailments and typhoid.”
Like previous governments, the PTI has failed to come up with any major plan in Balochistan during its three years in power. Despite severe water shortage, PTI has not been able to complete a single project of desalination plant in three years.Billions of dollars’ worth of mega projects are being built in Gwadar but the people there are longing for drinking water.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said this while addressing the ground breaking ceremony of a saltwater treatment plant in Gwadar. “I am thinking of talking to angry Baloch. In the wider interest of the country, this is a thought that every Pakistani patriot would welcome, but Prime Minister, was the issue of Balochistan so insignificant that after three years you came up with the idea of talking to the angry Baloch? If the tradition of ignoring Balochistan by our rulers continues, then it is natural for the Baloch to be angry. Senior politician Sardar Akhtar Mengal kept raising his voice for the rights of Balochistan in the National Assembly but his words were not heeded. When the thought grows that the rulers do not even like to talk to the representatives of Balochistan, then resentment arises and this resentment turns into a resistance movement.
There have been previous attempts to negotiate with the angry Baloch and bring them into the national mainstream, but instead of resolving the issue, it has become more complicated. Mr. Prime Minister! The details of the decision to negotiate with the angry Baloch are somewhat complex and difficult, requiring consultation with security agencies, the local population, Baloch representatives and other positive thinkers. It must also be noted that without the seriousness of the rulers, austerity, moderation, tolerance, prudence and genuine participation in the power of the people, it will not be possible to get the message in the right direction.
The Baloch, of course, want control over the coast and resources of Balochistan and the right to political and economic decision-making. This will be possible only when lasting peace is established in Balochistan and external interference and conspiracies are eliminated, Provincial government and state institutions will be on the same page.Compared to the past, the government and the Establishment now have an ideal mental harmony, but both seem to be on the same page in decisions related to the national interest. Imran Khan had made many promises to the nation before coming to power. He has not been embarrassed yet. He also made a promise to the missing families of Balochistan which is still the most important issue of Balochistan today if the Prime Minister is angry with the Baloch. If we succeed in negotiating, many issues related to it will also be resolved.
Balochistan has long faced threats both internally and externally. The Baloch resistance movement, external support to the separatists and India’s continued intervention have further complicated the situation. While Balochistan has long been in the eye of the beholder of the great powers, the enemy forces want to dig deeper into Balochistan after the discovery of valuable reserves like Rekodek.
There is no doubt that Balochistan is considered as a hot cake all over the world due to the presence of extremely valuable reserves. Many powers are joining hands to make their share in this cake.But due to the eternal sacrifices of the Pakistan Army and the patriotic democratic forces, the enemy has not yet succeeded in its nefarious aims.Those who are running a resistance movement in the name of the rights of Balochistan should understand that the Balochistan issue can only be resolved through dialogue. This issue cannot be resolved through war or fighting.Government agencies should also forget the bitterness of the past and start negotiations in good faith and before that take concrete steps that show that the government is really serious about negotiations.