Dr. Abbas imparts professional training from today

ISLAMABAD: S.M. Junaid Zaidi, Executive Director COMSATS and Dr. Shahid Abbas, President PPAAI signing a MoU, here recently.

ISLAMABAD: Dr. Shahid Abbas, President Pakistan Allergy Asthma & Immunology Society (PAAIS) has announced that training of medical professionals at 13 centres will be conducted today (Thursday). He further disclosed that a MoU to this effect was recently signed by PAAIS and AACI with COMSATS to start tele medicines Allergy Clinic to create awareness in general public and medical professionals in diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases.

Under this MoU, COMSATS was to provide facilities of telemedicines including software, cameras and microphones are already installed in Allergy Asthma Centre Islamabad.

He said that initially this project will be limited to 13 centres of COMSATS and will be expanded to more centres in future. There will be sessions of lectures and hands-on training workshops of medical professionals. There will also be sessions of creating awareness in general public about allergic diseases which are affecting about 50% of population of the country.

There will be weekly Telemedicine Allergy Clinic where Dr. Shahid Abbas will be personally supervising the allergy clinics in all the 13 centers on latest audio/visual equipment of COMSATS.

The training objectives of this programme are:
There will be introductory lectures to provide basic introduction to medical professional about allergic diseases. First lecture will be delivered today (Thursday, January 17) and the next one on January 24;
Then there will be hands-on training workshop by telemedicine about skin prick testings, interpretation of the tests, diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases;
Diagnosis and treatment of Anaphylaxis;
Emergency and anaphylaxis centres will be established and staff will be trained in early diagnosis and treatment of Anaphylaxis;
Skin prick test kits will be provided at nominal charges to these centres;
Dr. Shahid will be responsible for all these trainings and managing Telemedicines Allergy Clinics;
After training, trained staff will be able to start their local allergy clinics to facilitate the local patient;
Skin prick test done by local medical professionals under the supervision of Dr. Shahid who will see the results online and help the local medical professionals in diagnosis and treatment of individual patients;
After the result of skin prick test the Sublingual Allergy Drops or tablets will be sent to these centres so that they can issue to the patients;
With pamphlets and audio/video introduction about managing allergic diseases like Astham, use of inhalors will taught.