Either corrupt mafia will survive or the country

The address of the Prime Minister Mr Imran Khan to the nation was not only thought provoking but truly and candidly translated the feelings of general masses being exploited by the past governments ignoring the road map dawn by the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. After listening the speech of Imran Khan one can easily draw the conclusion that he will fulfill the promises made with the people during his hectic election campaigns especially he will not spare the corrupt politicians who have looted the national exchequer and pushed the country towards financial bankcorruptancy. He has pledged to the nation that he will take tangible action against the mafia, “either they remain or the country”, he said. I think the entire nation will support him because most of the politicians who come to power, they indulge in massive corruption ignoring the masses with whose support they come to rule, “even they will not get the money” said the Prime Minister in his nation wide address which these politicians get to develop their constituencies. “Its like bribe said the PM to win their favour”, while the money allotted to them goes in their pockets and not utilized in development work, but now no more .The Prime Minister “but know no more the PM emphasized”, he said that his govt. will take all the major to reduce the gap between poor and the rich while it will be incumbent upon rich to pay extra zakat for the poor to reduce poverty and deprivation from the society. He also promised to introduce health cards through out Pakistan especially for the poor section of the society so that they can get proper treatment. Regarding housing which is yet another problem for the needy and the poor which his government would provide to the maximum number of people during his five year tenure.
The Prime Minister rightly said that there are many challenges to be faced by his government especially in the field of economy, which has to be managed in way not to compromise the sovereignty of the country even if we have to go IMF, however he appealed Pakistanis living abroad to send money to Pakistan to their near and dear one through banking channel. “We need dollars to overcome many problems especially for the debt payment”. He also promised the businessmen of Pakistan that his government will provide all facilities by establishing one window operation right in the PM secretariat to attract investment and push the economic growth. The PM further added that he is determined to make Pakistan a welfare state on the model of Madina where the poor were looked after very well and the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) led a very simple life. The same pattern of life was followed by four Caliph who succeeded him. He said that rule of law will be foundation stone of his Government as in Madina rich and poor were equal before law. “If My daughter committed crime she will be treated according to law “said the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in one his sermons”. The Prime Minister appealed the nation that his various actions to curb the corruption, the corrupt mafia will make lot of hue and cry to divert the attention of the Government, but “I request you to stand by me to foil their evil designs against the country and the democracy”. The Prime Minister also said “that his government will do its best to help the street children who suffer all sorts of agonies in the society, and extend helping hand for improving their lot”. He demanded that those who avoid paying taxes, pay their dues and assure them that their money will be utilized honestly for the welfare of the people.
The speech of the Prime Minister Mr Imran khan was hailed by all and sundry not only in Pakistan but all over the world , they prayed for his long and healthy life to serve Pakistan and its people.

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