Elections 2018 and the looming dangers


As the general elections in Pakistan are coming nearer, apprehensions are being expressed about the peaceful holding of the polls. The polls will take place on July 26 when the voters will elect the new government through the exercise of their votes.

It is a huge exercise and in the wake of prevailing situation, serious dangers are looming on the horizons which need to be thwarted with proper security measures in place.

To be very specific, this year the prevailing situation seems to be posing serious threat to the peaceful holding of the elections as disclosed by the Secretary of the Election Commission, Mr Babar Yaqoob, before the Parliamentary Committee of the Interior.

The Secretary said that some outside forces in connivance with their stooges within Pakistan will try to create serious law and order situation to sabotage the elections. Already the Pakistani society is heavily polarized and divided vertically and horizontally with little space for saner elements to play their role for the peaceful holding of the elections.

Moreover, the hatred created by the ousted dishonest and corrupt Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter against the judiciary and the army is more than enough for the foreign elements to penetrate and play their dirty and nasty role to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of Pakistani society during the elections 2018.

The media too is divided. Besides some elements in the media are toeing the line of RAW and its narrative targeting the Judiciary and the Army. It is alleged all these elements receive not only heavy payment from RAW and other international agencies but from elements within the society as well who are opposed to the proactive role of the Judiciary and the NAB.

It is very strange to notice that all those known corrupt politicians and opportunists have joined hands with the ousted and dishonest Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to protect and save their illegal and ill-gotten wealth essentially belonging to the people of Pakistan. So to my mind that statement of the Secretary of the Election Commission about the looming dangers during the elections 2018 is justified and the concerned authorities must take serious notice about it.

The Indian lobby working within Pakistan will play catalyst role in promoting hatred between various political parties and their leaders as is being seen in various talk shows on TV channels to serve the interest of their masters.

It is alleged that the RAW had made some secret plans with the help of their agents in Pakistan to widen the differences in the Pakistani society on religious and ethnic lines disturbing the political campaigns resulting in chaos and confusion.

India as ever one knows is an enemy country whose basic mission since partition of India in 1947 to undo Pakistan and unite it with India. The debacle Pakistan suffered in 1971 at the hands of India must never be forgotten, rather remembered as how India invaded East Pakistan at the pretext of so-called insurgency in East Pakistan. India was helped in her sinister designs by the then Soviet Union and other forces hostile to Pakistan.

As the past record shows that India might replay the same role during the elections creating serious law and order situation in Pakistan.


The other country and neighbor of Pakistan is Afghanistan, a thankless nation to Pakistan will help India to create problems for Pakistan during the elections. Afghanistan is part of India’s mission to further harm Pakistan.

As everyone knows that most of the terrorists who cross Pak-Afghan border come from Afghanistan where India is very active to train anti-Pakistan Afghan and Baluch elements to carryout terrorists attacks against police and security personnel especially in Quetta and around Gwadar.

It is no secretary that India, USA and Afghanistan are opposed to CPEC Project which is a game-changer and have been trying to sabotage the vital economic and industrial project between China and Pakistan.

Therefore the Pakistani authorities should take the statement of the Secretary of the Election Commission of Pakistan seriously to preempt the designs of anti-Pakistan elements within and outside Pakistan. For this a proper security plan should be in place to thwart all dangers and the nefarious designs of anti-state elements.