Elections in Bangladesh


Agha Masood

Last week elections were held in Bangladesh where the opposition parties were not allowed freely to Participate in the general elections.Although the incumbent prime minister Hasina wajid won the election with thumping majority winnng288 seats in the national assembly out 300 .

Only seven members of the opposition party could make it to the parliament who have said that they would resign as there is no point sitting in the assembly like lame duck.Hasina has denied the allegation but accepted that at some polling stations law breakers did not allow fair voting but over all the elections were free and fair But she had no answer as how more than fifteen people were killed cold bloodedly, all belonging to the opposition parties .

It is alleged that the goons of AWami league, ruling party headed by Hasina wajid virtually captured the pooling booths not permitting the voters to vote against the ruling party.

An elderly woman mother of four was openly raped by the workers of Awami league while the police watched scene silently.It were the most bloody general elections in the recent history of Bangladesh. Said one journalist whom I talked on phone but requested me not to mention his name.Even the ournalists who do not toe the line of the Hasina Wajid fear for losing their job even their lives if they crossed the red line.

The main opposition leader kahlida Zia is in jail, she was not allowed to participated in the elections as she could not prove innocent against the allegations of corruption against her and son.Even Many activists of KHalida Zia party were arrested before the general elections leaving total space for the Awami leagure workers for electioneering compaign for their leader.another journalist told me that Indian agents were openly convasing for Hasina , even distributing money for the voters at some sensitive polling stations.

It is also alleged that India had massively financed the elections in Bangladesh to ensure the victory of Hasina Wajid.Now Hasina is fully settled to rule the country for another third term, the previous elections were also marred with massive rigging and unfair methods to win the elections.

The Transparency international had described the previous general elections in Bangladesh as most rigged elections and had called the Bangladesh election commission to reconduct the polls and allow the oppositions parties to fully participate in the elections for the sake of democracy., but of no avail Now Hasina will now rule Bangladesh with iron hand with support from india who has made it as its virtual colony.

One international observer said that there is no trace of democracy in Bangladesh, its one party rule with all powers wested in the hands of Hasina Wajid.Refuting the allegation of authortarian rule, Hasina says that she was voted to power by the people because of her economic agenda providing jobs and other developmental works like construction of small and big bridges.

She also said that her government has given rights to the minorities especially referring to the Hindus living in different parts of Bangladesh.Although Hasina has won the elections, her victory has not been accepted by the international community as the elections were negation of all rules and regulations of democratic principles, but Hasina does not care for the critisim against her, he will take oath of the office on Jan 10 to rule for another term with no opposition to check her governance its the face of democracy in Bangladesh.