Entrepreneurship in pursuit of happiness

Entrepreneur is a term that is very widely used by people to describe either their professional life or of other people they know. But when we talk about this term, what do we actually mean by it and what do others actually understand by it?
Well, we all know that entrepreneurs are people who set up businesses of their own and take on risks to make a living out of it and gain profits, but are that what it actually is?
The answer is No. Entrepreneurship is much vast than what how we contemplate it on surface. The word Entrepreneur itself finds its roots to a French word which is translated as adventure. Now, adventure and entrepreneur doesn’t make sense right? Entrepreneurs are described as people who go on adventures, take all the risks without even knowing what hurdles, obstacles and problems they are gonna face, but people don’t choose entrepreneurship because they have no idea of what they are doing but because they believe in their skills. In their capability of being able to tackle all the problems and come up with new creative solutions and that is exactly what makes them stand out from the crowd. Our most commonly held misconception about entrepreneurs is that they are some special breed, uniquely creative, some rare class of people but that’s not what it is. When we think about entrepreneurs on a bigger scale we think of Steve Jobs, Madame CJ Walker, Andrew Carnegie and so on. But have we ever thought of ourselves as entrepreneurs?
No, because the society has us boxed up. We Live in a box where the rules are determined by people and they have scales made too. Scales that measure our success in terms of job stability, financial stability and that is what defines our social status but ask yourself is that enough to be happy researches have proven As compared to people who are confined to the repetitive jobs entrepreneurs are happier and content with their lives even if they have a little achievements. That is solely because entrepreneurship serves as a doorway for creative expression of fulfilment and happiness. You as an entrepreneur choose a field or area of work where you believe that you can utilise your skills to the best of it.
The first thing entrepreneurship gives you is self-confidence. You believe in a certain idea and you believe that with certain efforts you can make it work so you believe in yourself which gives you a positive and healthy mindset. The second thing entrepreneurship provides us is excitement as entrepreneurs we don’t live in the readily designed boxes instead we make a choice to make a new box each day because every day brings something new. Our usual jobs are so repetitively mundane that they lack excitement and kill all the fun in life.
The next thing entrepreneurship blesses us with is passion and a sense of belongingness as we connect to the people who believe the same things as we do, we work with people who share the same passion and that connects us more with them. The best thing about entrepreneurship is that it gives us a goal, a purpose and we keep learning and growing as we take each step towards fulfilling that purpose.
We are constantly developing our skills, our creativity And that is what gives entrepreneurs a sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness and once you start to excel in your line of enterprise, you not only serve yourself the best version of you but also to the people who work with you or under you and eventually you are able to influence and manage the society at large by bringing about a change and connecting with mindsets and energies of people who share the same passion, Idea and the same perspective about things as you. All you have to do is say yes to that tiny idea in your head and act upon it. You cannot only create new opportunities for yourself but also for people who are craving to do the same thing as you. Entrepreneurship is all about dreaming and then developing the dream into reality and when dreams turn to realities, we can paint life in our own colours of happiness.

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