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Exposures of public office holders not personal affair


It was year 1948 I was living in Vihari (now district) at 4 PM a police constable from local Police Station came to my adjacent house and knocked the door, the owner came out and after brief discussion he left the place. No sooner he left all nearby neighbours flocked the house and wanted to know as to why Police constable came. Just imagine the concern shown by the neighbours as to why police constable was seen in the area because police presence was viewed as bad thing. Now things have changed, leaders when sit in police van make victory sign, when go to jail or come out of jail even then make victory sign and don’t feel ashamed whereas they should be hiding their faces
Since the invention of mobile phones with all type of features specially the camera can take live photos round the clock even in darkness and can also record conversation. It has disturbed the private life of individuals irrespective of gender. In recent past we have seen vulgar videos of people belonging to different segment of society and short clips up loaded pertaining to religious people shows how much we have degraded ourselves and feel no shame when confronted with the videos and it is termed as photoshop.There is provision of photo shopping but one can easily distinguish it from real video or photoshop. When they are confronted their only defence is that it is Photoshop or their personal matter. If you are a public office holder, serving or retired, if you are a government servant, if you are leader or any office holder then it is no more a personal affair, it becomes public property and they have all the right to raise questions. As per practice we are selective in dealing with such cases. Our media as usual stands divided for reasons well understood. Who can forget Mufti Qavi scandal, and video of religious scholar from Lahore? Lately we have seen videos of our leaders; much talked video is of former Governor Sind and BAP Leader, and lady minister from KPK. It becomes very serious if it is a renowned personality, how on earth they can defend themselves. If these are fake videos why they have not lodged FIR and complained to FIA Cyber Wing for investigation to trace the source.
This is not first time that such vulgar and dirty videos have been uploaded on internet, it has been happening in the past and shall continue happening till such time people are not punished. If an ordinary citizen is caught hugging a girl in the park, the person is arrested put behind the bars. Question arises why state is silent on such crimes. We are Islamic Republic of Pakistan where such crimes are supposed to be dealt in accordance with Islamic law? Why police is not active? Why no suo motto? Just imagine these videos now have been seen by millions of people all over the world and are safely held in mobile cameras. It is no more a private affair, once it is uploaded it becomes free for all, now it is between public and state, but in these cases people have come in support and also against calling it a private affair. If it had happened anywhere in the world, the media would have surrounded the house of the alleged person to come out and clarify his position. It is true such things are common in west but not in Pakistan because our culture is totally different than west. Unfortunately there is no accountability, although article 62 and 63 are there and very clear but due to selective application lost its utility. If these articles are applied today 90 percent members may lose their seats but who cares. This is something very serious, what our new generation would be thinking? We are setting a bad example.
I have a very valid question to all those respectable people, why you people are so negligent and careless do things so openly knowing well in this modern IT era there may be hidden cameras installed, probe microphones to record conversation. As a general guideline whenever you go to new place for discussion meeting on secret affairs you have to be very careful and extra cautious. However for maintaining the secrecy pay attention to following to evade secret recordings. Table lamps, on off switches, wall clocks, corners of curtains, all electrical sockets, fans with hole, fancy ash trays, flower basket, stationary items, pen, fruit trays, telephone rosset, picture frames hanging in the room, door knobs , washroom showers etc
Lastly even if the offence is by mutual consent it should be well protected because it shall remain an offence because our culture and religion don’t allow such liberties and “Mera jism- Meri marzi” cannot be ignored. We have now some important test cases let us make them an example to safeguard the future of our younger generations and not the leaset such cases should not take more than 4 weeks to decide.