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Facing courts for 4 months due to false cases: Samir


KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and well-known businessman Samir Mir Shaikh appeared today before the Sindh High Court (SHC) for the hearing of his JIT petition against fake cases. PTI leader Samir Mir Shaikh said that it has been 4 months today and we have been doing rounds in the courts for 4 months in search of justice. The Sindh government has made false cases of terrorism against us. He said, “I was caught in a false case. The cases were made against me because my only fault was that I left the PPP and became a part of the PTI and I exposed the corruption and looting of PPP.”
He added in his speech, “In the past only we used to say this but now Chief Justice Pakistan also pointed out corruption of Sindh government. Chief Justice said that Sindh government is the most incompetent government. Sindh government has failed to run every department. Governments of other provinces are working. Only Sindh government is filling its pockets.”
“Memon system has come in Sindh which is a new system. After Omni Bajari system, Memon system has come. This system is being run from Canada. Its CEO is Murad Ali Shah & COO Younis Memon. The whole system of Sindh is being run from Canada. Today, Sindh’s Anil Kapoor is going to present a budget of 1.4 trillion and rupees. In the end, the money will go into their pockets,” Samir Mir Shaikh.
Samir Mir Sheikh added that due to the incompetence of the Sindh government, Sindhis have become infamous all over the world. Today we are known all over the world as wheat thieves, where clean water is not available, this is the same Sindh where an ambulance could not be provided by the government, not a single transport bus could be provided in 14 years.
PTI MNAs are working in every corner of Karachi with the funds PM Imran Khan gave for Karachi, but incompetent Murad Ali Shah of Sindh cannot tolerate the development of Karachi. At the same time, the PTI leader further said that “Murad Ali Shah says that the Federal Government defames Sindh Police. We did not defame Sindh Police. PPP has made Sindh Police its servant, because of Sindh Government and to please them, Sindh police make fake cases, put ATC cases on journalists, and go to any lengths. If IG Maher had cared about the uniforms of the martyrs, they would not have engaged in activities that would have slandered or sullied these uniforms, till today the thugs or Shikarpur have not been arrested who killed and took over APC of Sindh police. I was arrested by 100 policemen. I request the Chief Justice to use my case as an example.”
Today, Karachi has been included in the list of worst cities, everywhere there is garbage, residents are not getting a drop of water He said that Karachi is being punished for not giving mandate to PPP, there is no clean drinking water in Karachi, people of Karachi have to purchase water from Sindh govt tanker mafia. Every day, dogs in Sindh dangerously harm children & adults who, due to non-availability of vaccines don’t survive. More than 200k cases every year.
He asked of Murad Ali Shah: “What steps have you taken for Karachi in the last 14 years? From the budget of Karachi, PPP has built its properties. From the budget of Karachi, PPP has bought big cars.”
At the end of his talk, PTI leader Samir Mir Shaikh said, “I have hope and trust in the courts. I will get justice from the courts.”