Faisal Vawda claims Arshad Sharif’s murder ‘planned in Pakistan’, 1st evidence of crime erased


Faisal Vawda claims Arshad Sharif’s murder ‘planned in Pakistan’, evidence of crime erased

Assassination of journalist Arshad Sharif was “pre-planned” and “conspired in Pakistan,” according to PTI politician Faisal Vawda, who also alleged that the crime’s evidence had been destroyed.

On Sunday night, Sharif was allegedly shot dead in Kenya by the local police. Following the claimed shooting, a police statement issued on behalf of the force expressed “regrets on the sad occurrence” and stated that an investigation was ongoing.

Sharif was fatally shot by police in an incident of “mistaken identification,” according to the local police, as first reported by Kenyan media.

But on Tuesday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif declared that a judicial committee will be set up to look into the journalist’s slaying, amid widespread criticism and sorrow.

Vawda claimed to uncover the truth behind Sharif’s murder during a news conference held today at the Islamabad Press Club. “Arshad’s laptop and phone won’t be recovered because they were wiped, therefore there won’t be any proof.

He asserted that the journalist had been in communication with him ever since Sharif left the country, calling it “a cold-blooded premeditated assassination.”

“Arshad Sharif reportedly died after taking 20 shots, according to reports. The contrary, however, occurred. I’m of the opinion that he was shot at close range or from within the vehicle. Instead of 20 shots, he just took 2 shots, one each in the head and the chest.

Vawda asserted that the tale surrounding the journalist’s death about a kidnapping of a child was untrue, questioning why the cops would shoot if a youngster was in the car.

Arshad Sharif was the only person in this automobile when the cold-blooded, savage murder occurred.

According to the PTI leader, he will not identify those responsible for the atrocity. “I have a film that I created, and I have listed those people’s names […] Internationally, I have used those names. Millions of money have been donated by me. If I’m shot and murdered, you’ll also die, is the message I’m trying to get through.

He continued by asserting that the journalist’s murder was the result of a plot that started when Arshad Sharif was the target of first information reports (FIRs), despite the fact that Sharif was not yet prepared to leave the country.

He was terrified by the conspiracy and was frantic to escape the nation. As soon as he arrived in Dubai, it was claimed that an unidentified institution or entity exerted pressure on him to leave, but this claim is likewise untrue and incorrect.

When his visa’s validity ran out, he had to depart Dubai. He had been there as long as allowed under his visa. Although he was informed of the detour to London, Vawda maintained that he never went there.

Arshad Sharif, according to him, was unshakeable in his convictions and impossible to convince, he claimed. I’m going to remove all the curtains in the upcoming days. In the event that I pass away, I’ve promised my family that you’ll have their corpses as well as mine as presents.

No typical individual could have sent Arshad Sharif to Kenya. Who was in touch with him in Kenya when he was being hidden? The conspirators and liars who want to destroy the nation, my party, and our nation, he claimed, are responsible.

Furthermore, according to Vawda, the organisation had communication with Arshad Sharif. In Pakistan, he was prepared to return. Nothing bothered him. Then terror crept in, telling everyone to murder him so the evidence would be destroyed and a fire would break out.

“Now that I know all this, you’ll be asking me how and why I know it. I was in communication with Arshad Sharif when he left the country, and I have made my phone accessible for forensic examination. I spoke with him from that day until the very last days.

The PTI leader went on to say that there was a “conspiracy in Pakistan” and that its members were “internationally linked” and present within Pakistan.

The death of Arshad Sharif. He was in no danger coming from here since the place we’re using as our example had good relations with him, and I had a role in that. He also threatened to release the identities of the criminals in the coming days.

“Establishment has no part in this killing; the role of the one will be obvious in the coming days,” he insisted.

A PTI lengthy march featured “bodies and blood.”
Separately, Vawda asserted that the PTI’s forthcoming lengthy march to Islamabad will be “bloody,” with “bodies falling” and innocent bystanders losing their lives.

The plan to murder Sharif, he claimed, also included this, according to him. We have the right to support Imran Khan’s peaceful demonstration, but I must tell you that I have seen blood, dead bodies, and funerals throughout this march.

Vawda continued by saying, “I will attempt that this game of [dead] corpses comes to a stop. I will not allow innocent people to perish for some scheme.”

The anticipated violence, according to Vawda, might occur prior to, during, or following the lengthy march.

The PTI’s “legitimate” march, he insisted, had turned into an element of a larger plot.

I’m not far from the influential figures that are involved in this plot. I’m supporting justice and the truth right now. As long as Pakistanis are going to die in the next several days, I will continue to support them. The upcoming days will see the collapse of several bodies and significant personalities.

Following the press conference, PTI gave Vawda a show-cause notice and suspended his party membership until he responded to the allegations that he “grossly breached discipline by delivering remarks against party norms and standards.”

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