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F&F, a closed community on social media


Special Report

LAHORE: Foodies & Friends (F&F) is a closed community on social media established on August 14, 2017. The Group was founded by Khurram A. Khan with a dream of creating a Platform where people would be able to succeed and exceed. The team members behind the success of this dream of Foodies & Friends other than the founder, were Co-Admins Ahmed Hasnain, Tehmina Noor, Mahwish Ahmed, Sadia Kashif, Asma Khurram and the Creative Team headed by Nisa Anwaar.
The purpose behind this initiative was to do advocate creative work, especially to promote the talent of people and help them explore their skills, abilities, and strengths to present to the world. This was based on a pure objective to promote Pakistan’s food and culture and the hidden talent of Pakistani women and spread to the community that work could be done without any greed or exploitation of others. A huge number of people have gathered and interacted virtually on a single platform started by the F&F team promoting healthy activities all over, giving people relief from their exhausting work schedules.
Facebook, with both its group and page, and Instagram are the social media platforms where F&F has proved its success in such a short span of time by captivating a large audience. It is a page that organically achieved an audience of almost 93,000 compared to other Facebook pages that rarely achieve this level organic audience.
Over 72% of its audience is aged between 18-34 years and includes the members from the three major cities, Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Over 500 user generated posts can be seen on daily basis, and each post garners around 5000 comments and 10000 reactions. Its average daily active users are around 46000, making it one of the biggest communities centered around food on a single platform in the country.
In today’s era where everyone is so busy that one hardly gets time to plan for refreshing activities, and almost everyone is so focused on their goals, that they forget to take a moment to relax. Especially with the damage that we all have faced during the time of Covid 19, how our mental state has been affected and, in this scenario, we direly need such platforms where people can interact for a positive purpose, promoting a healthy environment, encouraging, and motivating people to identify and show their strengths and appreciate each other’s skills and abilities. Engaging in such competitions or activities arranged by F&F team gives a break to the people from their hectic routines.
F&F team has been so determined towards achievement of their objectives that they put in all their efforts to come out as a story of huge success. They took all the initiatives according to their ideas and promoted their platform by arranging different activities and competitions that help them in achieving the fame they wanted.
In result of all this hard work, in the Second Food Excellence 2019 awards ceremony held
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