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Fix LPG price to avoid severe gas crisis: LPGDA

KARACHI: Muhammad Ali Haider, Senior Vice Chairman LPGDA and Chairman LPGDA Haji Ishaq addressing a Press conference, here at Karachi Press Club, Tuesday.

Imran Zakir

KARACHI: All Pakistan LPG Distributors Association demanded to fix LPG price to avoid severe gas crises during winter on Tuesday at a Press Conference held at Karachi Press Club otherwise we have to record our protest against the government’s pricing policy.
Speaking at the Press conference Muhammad Ali Haider, Senior Vice Chairman LPGDA said, “The pricing policy is exploiting the consumer in Pakistan.” Prices are not regulated and there is double digit inflation in LPG. If there will be no gas then our peoples will burn wood which is leading to environmental degradation ultimately the dream of Prime Minister Imran Khan will go to rest by cutting trees.
He said that the government has not reduced its duties, taxes and PDL due to which the tax burden has increased. The national exchequer collected billions of rupees by means of the Petroleum Development Levy (PDL) PDL was introduced in the 2016 policy.
M.A Haider demanded from the Government for transparent enquiry from NAB and FIA against those peoples who are looting the public money by means of introducing overnight SRO for providing the benefit to blue-eyed LPG importers.
In addition to the refinery, the Government has to levy GST or advance tax, Due to which the production of the refinery is being affected and smaller ones are going to shut down.
Chairman LPGDA Haji Ishaq said that the government should have reduced its taxes but OGRA and the Ministry of Petroleum unfortunately has not only played its role by providing ‘Level playing field for all’. Our national flag carriers PSO and SSGC did not import LPG. That’s why a cartel is formed by three to four LPG importers and we have to buy from them.
The OGRA prices are derived by multiplying the pricing formula by the dollar rate and they don’t see the ground realities.
Moreover, he said that the LPG industry is in a state of stagnation and at this moment OGRA has set the price Rs.90,000/- ton otherwise local LPG traders will have to shut down their businesses and we will go for the country wide strike.
The proposed policy of 2021, which is not yet known, A new policy has to be immediately implemented in consultation with all stakeholders.
Those members of LPGDA who attended this Press conference included Malik Taimour, Malik Tufail, Faisal Rasool, Farhan Ayaz, Sultan Akbar, Muhammed Hanif, Nisar Abbasi, Noman Ishaq and M.A Shah.