Flag hoisting ceremony organized in Karachi on 61st National Day of Malaysia

Flag hoisting ceremony organized in Karachi on 61st National Day of Malaysia

KARACHI: In conjunction with the 61 st National Day of Malaysia, the Consulate-General of Malaysiain Karachi organized a flag hoisting ceremony at the Consulate-General’s Office All members of the Consulate-General and Malaysians residing inKarachi/Sindh attended the occasion. Marks a significant and momentous day in Malaysia’s history as on this day, the country reached 61 years oldas a sovereign state.
In his remarks, HE KhairulNazranAbd Rahman, Consul-General of Malaysiaexpressed Malaysia’s appreciation on Pakistan for being one of the earliest countriesthat recognized Malaya’s independence back in 1957. Since then, both countries havebeen collaborating in the various spectrums of cooperative activities, which do not onlyconfined to political and economic spheres but also on areas of strategic importanceparticularly defence, education and tourism. On this auspicious day, the Consul-Generalreiterated Malaysia’s commitment to further strengthen and broaden the breadth anddepth of its relations with Pakistan in various sectors for mutual benefits.
The Consul-General urged Malaysians in Pakistan to always appreciate the sacrificeand struggle by our leaders and fighters in bringing Malaya to be an independent statein 1957. Huge responsibilities now await Malaysians to bring Malaysia forward amidstglobal challenges. Future of the nation lies in the hands of its people. The Consul-General also reminded fellow Malaysians that they should always keep and project the good image of Malaysia in Pakistan.