Food diplomacy can bring people closer: Imran Ismail

The Financial Daily and Karachi Editors Club organize 2nd Food Excellence Awards at Governor House, Karachi

KARACHI: Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has said that the government desires to bring one system for the weak and the powerful and we will not give up, and if we could not deliver then we will go away ourselves. He prayed for good health for Nawaz Sharif with sincerity so that he may come back and to become accountable. No one should misconceive that we will be tired; whether thief is rich or poor we will give same punished to them.
He said Langar Khanas have been started under the Ehsaas Program so that no one sleeps hungry. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan wants the people to get their own roof, education and health facilities in the State of Madinah.
Imran Ismail said that Food Excellency Awards is a good effort under which people can be brought together under the Food diplomacy. Pakistani dishes are the best there is no foreigner who does not like our food, he added.
He made these remarks while speaking as Chief Guest at the Second Food Excellence Awards 2019 ceremony held at the Governor House, Tuesday evening. Those who also spoke on the occasion included: FPCCI Sr Vice President Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Beg, President Food Excellence Awards Manzar Naqvi, President Karachi Editors Club Mubasher Mir, and Shakeel Jafri while Thai Consul General Thatree Chauvachata, Deputy Consul General of Qatar Nasir Hamad, Vietnam’s Commercial Consular Nguyen Hong Tien and others were also present on the occasion.
Governor Sindh Imran Ismail went on to say, “I am happy that the doors of Governor House have been opened to public as per Prime Minister Imran Khan’s desires.” He said he was thankful that people come here and consider it their home. He said that the Food Excellence Awards are welcome to be held and hope that such events will continue to be held in future. He said that the food business is a big business and not only provides employment to people, but also provides opportunities for them to come closer to each other.
He said that Langar Khanas have been introduced in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision; some people may not like this, but in fact there are great goals behind it, that is, every human being has to eat, live under the roof and be healthy and avail the education facilities. He said that all the Langar Khanas located in the country have been handed over to them under the agreement with the Sailani Welfare Trust as they have extensive experience in the work. He said that if you do a good deed, Allah gives you 70 times more, so I appeal to all restaurants to have a share for the poor in their business.
Narrating a story, he disclosed that he met an Italian chef who was a journalist some time ago. He is very fond of Pakistani cuisine and is a big fan of biryani and basmati rice. The need of the hour is that Pakistani embassies around the world may promote such people in Pakistan to tell the world about Pakistani food, as food diplomacy has become so important in the world, he said adding that “We too should benefit from it.”
Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Beg said, “I recommend that the next food award be organized in the light of public opinion. People should get feedback that which restaurant they like more and why.” He said that the FPCCI has 4-5 committees on Food and Food Safety which are active throughout the year. The Sindh Food Authority examines restaurants for food safety and has the authority to fine or close down hotels with poor quality, he added.
He went on to say that “Identifying anything is very important. By awarding it we make these hotels unique and special, which gives buyers confidence that they are buying from a place that has their professional skills and being awarded the standard for being a standard, it is an award, it is being awarded to 16 restaurants, which will increase their value.”
He said that as Chairman Jury he would like to point out that this award consisted of 9 jury members and these awards are being awarded purely on merit. “The change has come and stability will come over time,” he added.
Manzar Naqvi said: “The change has come and stability would also come with the passage of time.” He said it is that change that these awards have come from a hotel to the Governor’s House and then these may go to the Aiwan-e-Sadr and then our destination may be a country abroad. He said that Shakeel Jafri organised the Food Excellence Awards in 2014 and after a gap of five years, The Financial Daily has taken over this responsibility, which will, In Sha Allah, be held every year from next year.
He said that most of the young people borrowing from Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful youth program are doing food business, which will bring jobs to the youth and reduce unemployment significantly. He said that purpose of the awards is to raise awareness about quality food among people and to encourage those who are doing well.
Mubasher Mir welcomed all the guests to the 2nd Food Excellence Awards. He said hospitality is the tradition of our region and the choice of Paighambar-e-Islam (SAAW). He said everyone wants to have good food and it is said that the happier you are, the happier the food.
He said that the Karachi Editors Club has the specialty in organizing events on important topics and also encouraging people. He said according to Prime Minister Imran Khan, 45 per cent of children in Pakistan suffer from malnutrition the reason for our failure in other sports including the Olympics is because the children are not able to do well in sports due to food shortage. May our next generation be healthy because healthy people are the guarantees of a prosperous country, he added.
He said that now when it comes to food, we should not forget the brothers and sisters of occupied Kashmir who are forced to stay hungry for more than 100 days, as a Kashmiri my heart beats with them. May Almighty take them out of this difficult time and let them breathe freedom. He quoted a saying from Hazrat Ali (A.S.) that goes that there is a provision you are looking for and that the one you are looking for is well supported.
Shakeel Jafri said that the food industry was encouraged by holding the Food Excellence Award in 2014. Today, five years later, Manzar Naqvi and Mubasher Mir have taken this initiative forward and I hope that they will continue to do so. He said that the food industry in Pakistan is very promising, while the establishment of food authority for quality food in Pakistan has come into operation and halal food has become very important in the world.
He said that in order to promote the food industry, training institutions should be set up in this regard. He said that despite all these difficulties, unemployment has dropped substantially.
At the end of the event, 16 Awards were given in different categories.

SEMS wins best catering & event management award

KARACHI: SEMS won the award for best catering and event management, Foodies & Friends for best Social Media Platform, Matco Foods Ltd for best rice brand, Falak, Port Grand for best family destination for Food & Fun, New York Pizza for best Pizza Joint, Bonsai for best Pan Asian Restaurant.
Ms Faiza Bilal was awarded for best Emerging Chef, Beach Luxury Hotel for best Sea Food, Marriott Hotel Karachi, Pearl Continental Hotel, Akbari Nihari Restaurant for best in Shahana Style, Pakistan Oil Mills for best emerging cooking oil, Chotu Chai Wala for best Chai Dhaba, KFC, Bundo Khan for BBQ, United King for best baker, Avari for Dynasty Restaurant and Food Panda for the appreciation for serving the food industry.
Honourable Governor Sindh Imran Ismail was awarded for Excellent Support to the 2nd FEA at Sindh Governor House, Karachi.


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