Foreign policy of Pak to be made at FO, says Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Newly-elected Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Tuesday said the foreign policy of the country would be made at the Foreign Office.
Answering a foreign journalist in a media briefing in Islamabad, he in a firm and confident tone said, “The foreign policy of Pakistan will be made here at the Foreign Office. (However) Obviously, this is the practice all over the world that you seek input from the national security institutions as institutional memory is invaluable in making the right decisions.
“We will not be shy of engaging with our security institutions for the betterment of Pakistan. Pakistan first is our policy,” he categorically stated.
Shah Mehmood said the United States also took input from the CIA and Pentagon.
The minister said the ties between both Pakistan and the US had witnessed ups and downs; however, bridging the gulf between them was in favor of both the countries. He said the ties between the US and Pakistan had a long history.
“The US considers Pakistan as crucial partner in addressing the challenges of Afghanistan. Pakistan has borne heavy life and monetary losses,” he said adding that he would talk about Pakistan’s national interest before the US leadership.
He said Pakistan was not frightened of anything. He also said the Indian subcontinent should progress like Europe.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said a large number of masses in India believed that the country should review its national policy. “The responsibility of resolving the Kashmir conflict lies on both the countries’ shoulders and there is no other way than to begin talks on this matter.
“The issue of water crisis is also rising in the entire subcontinent,” he said. He said violation of border ceasefire was in nobody’s interest. He appreciated Navjot Singh Sidhu for visiting Pakistan. “You need courage to change circumstances and Sidhu has shown great gallantry,” he said.
In the end, the foreign minister sought help and prayers from the nation for the newly-elected government. – NNI

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