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Formation of an inclusive govt in Afg is to create stability: Imran


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan to strengthen national unity and create long term stability in the war-torn country.
In an interview with Russia Today, the prime minister said, “I think within the Taliban there are people who feel that unless they get all other minorities, sects and groups, until they get everyone under their umbrella, their government will remain unstable.” Such an inclusive government is the only thing that can lead Afghanistan to long-term stability, he added.
The prime minister said that Pakistan is working with the neighbours of Afghanistan to determine what the Afghan government should do to gain international community’s recognition. He said that Pakistan is part of the international community and the recognition of the Taliban government in Afghanistan would be a significant step.
To a question, he said that if it is considered that Islamabad helped the Taliban against the US, it would mean that Pakistan is stronger from America and all European countries and Pakistan along with 60,000 to 70,000 men militia carrying light weapons succeeded in defeating an army of 300,000 troops.
He said, unfortunately, a propaganda campaign was started against Pakistan. The propaganda was started to divert attention from the incapacity, corruption and lack of governance by the last Afghanistan government.
Khan said the second element in this propaganda is India which had made a huge investment in Afghanistan. He said a comprehensive analysis should be done to know the reasons as to why the army of the bravest nation of the world laid down its weapons without a fight.
Pakistan paid a heavy price for siding with the US in its occupation of Afghanistan, so hearing American politicians blame Islamabad for its humiliating retreat hurts, the prime minister said. Khan expressed his anger towards American officials who have pointed fingers at Islamabad when apportioning blame for the US failure in Afghanistan. He highlighted the recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings as an example of this frustrating rhetoric.
“As a Pakistani, I felt deeply hurt by some of the remarks made by those senators. To blame Pakistan for this debacle in Afghanistan is the most painful thing for us to listen to,” he said.
Khan said that, while his country is not in a rush to recognise the new Taliban government as legitimate, the world community needs to assist the militant movement in stabilising Afghanistan, because the alternative would be bad for everyone.
“I think the only one choice left is to incentivise [the Taliban], to encourage them to stick to the promises and announcements they have made about an inclusive government, about human rights, [about] giving amnesty to every