FPCCI Election 2020

TFD: Would you like to comment of on rapid Development of Gwader Port with Special emphasize on CPEC?
T.H: In light of my experience I’m confident that Gwadar Port will become the world’s busiest port in just five years and will be superior to Jabal Ali’s UAE port in terms of volume and location of maritime trade. He said that by the year 2025,20 berths of Gwadar will start functioning, which will make Jabal -e-Ali’s business in downward trends. He said that Gwadar Port will provide tough time to all ports in the region that’s why CPEC will play tremendous role in Pakistan Future Economic Growth, “One road One belt initiative “. The Chinese themselves say that we cannot imagine the failure of the CPEC project. With regard to the One Belt Silk Road, Gwadar Port will connect 64 countries to China for trade. China will promote worldwide trade from Gwadar to 50 to 100 ships at a time and 25 berths will be established over a period of 25 years, which will increase shipping agent business in Pakistan. He says that Pakistan stands on a cross-road with regard to the CEPEC project. We have no shortage of resources and manpower, so I ‘m confident that this Country will attain economic stability soon.
TFD: would you like to comment on FPCCI role in Trade and Business?
T.H: Regarding the elections of the Pakistan Federation Chamber of Commerce, Tariq Halim, who is also the former Vice President of the Federation, says that the Federation is a highest Apex Body of Business Community, which not only reviews each sector of the industry and commerce and the problems it faces, but also includes annual budget proposals for reform proposals, is given on time, but it is not necessary to implement every proposal. While some suggestions take time to implement for technical reasons, it is for this reason that federation is given top priority in all public sectors. The officials of the government, including the Prime Minister, are in touch with all the top government officials. Due to which most problems are solved on the spot. P.M Imran Khan respond to Our great leader Mr.S.M Munir within 20 minutes whenever we tried to approach him.
TFD : Would you like to comment on the role of your Leader S.M Muneer with special reference to UBG Progressive role ?
T.H: Our United Business Group Came into power of FPCCI from the last Six years is the young baby of Mr.S.M Munir ,who believes the day is not just 24 hours but 28 to 30 hours. SM Munir keeps giving telephone instructions to keep the federation officials active from morning to night. No member or official of the Federation can relinquish its responsibilities because SM Munir looks after Sindh and Baluchistan ,Iftikhar Malik is ruling Punjab Province,While Mr Ilyas Bilour in looking after KPK. That is why the Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry is led by the United Business Group and has won elections for many years and its rival businessman panel is going to beat every year.
TFD:Why UBG leadership has always pin point target to Mian Zahid Hussain ?
T.H: I often asks, Who is going to represent traders and industrialists while keeping in view their leader Mian Zahid Hussain as a leader who is not morally, socially and politically in any way pure, fraudulent. How can a liar will represent an organization, except to assume that it is In fact, traders and industrialists too .So BMP group should separate him from their front line leadership, who has proved to be number two, Forget about his one vote. Tariq Halim says that Mian Zahid Hussain has long been involved in smuggling and SM Munir has given numerous benefits and other privileges as well .He become the provincial minister of IT and Telecom just because of Mr.S,M,Muneer, later when he was forged. And it’s come in the knowledge of Mr. SM Munir related to this man in every way but not as a thief who steals from stealing, Mian Zahid contacts us always before FPCCI Elections, He tried to enter from the back door and Muk Mukka every year and once again he comes to me, When we refuse him than at last he demands for 2 -3 Seats of Vice President .One of the Democratic Policy of UBG and SM MUNIR is that We formed a Core Committee comprising on our Senior Leadership that will take decision. So we bluntly refused his entry in our UBG group. I also came to know that He reconciled with Mr. SM Munir Sahib. Why does the person whose misconduct has shown up to participate in elections despite being defeated every year businessmen and industrial communities all over the country are constantly surrounded by the personality of Mian Zahid and Anjum Nisar. The rejection is going on Once again for BMP and this year is as good as last year for us while failure will be destined for BMP.
TFD: Trough the light on your role in Shipping /Maritime sector with your historic acheivements?
T H: I’m belongs to Maritime sector and Alhamdolilah I’m one of the the most talented men of the shipping industry whose day-to-day hard work and efforts have earned the shipping industry a unique position in the domestic economy and all business Chambers recognized my efforts ,I’m well versed in the shipping industry’s ability to review and resolve problems. Tariq Halim not only identifies timely issues for the shipping industry because of his extensive experience and capabilities, but also because of his leadership skills and professional insights, he is committed to solving these problems day and night. The reason under which to Tariq Halim Was held on the position of Chairman of the Standing Committee on Ports , Shipping, Maritime Affairs, whose affairs he performed in excellent manner. My Company Bulk Shipping attained the historic Achievement simultaneously handled the highest No. of Ships in one day ,09 Ships at Karachi Port on 18 October 2019.With total 420,150 Metric Tons of Cargo on board. In the history of KPT No single Agent has ever achieved unique position, He also one of the Member of KPT Board of Directors Voluntarily and attended all Board meetings decided all the issues strictly on merit that’s why A Uniform KPT Chief did not want to seemy participitation and approached to Mr.S,M Munir to warn me, While there are peoples like Karachi Chamber’s Big Boss Mr.Siraj Kassim Teli,Who is One of the member of KPT board just for personnel gains and knows nothing about Maritime Affairs.
TFD: You also played the leading role in Excel Load issue? Will you please elaborate with special reference of Inland Water Transportation and eliminating Carbon emission?
T.H: With regard to the Excel load law, we have said that the implementation of this law should be stopped immediately and the law should be withdrawn. We work Inland water transport for Goods movement in the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and have said that it should be implemented as the use of inland water transport will make the transport not only cheaper short distance and decrease the cost of doing business. That to will be fulfilled and our talk is not limited to that but we have also said that the railways should be further improved so that transportation can also be made through it. Excess Carbon emission is silent killer of Our Nation, We are Inhaling Carbon every day, What We are giving to our young generation. But When the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project arrives in full swing , there is a dire need for heavy transport, which is lacking in our country, in view of the question posed in the context; Bulk Shipping & Trading Pty Ltd Managing Director Tariq Halim said that I think problems start to appear before transport planning for the CPEC projects should start so I will say again that Excel Load law should be withdrawn immediately.
TFD: How would you comment on the performance of the present government so far as the economic Policies of PTI Government?
T.H: He said that the situation in which the current government found the country was very bad.The situation was, the national treasury was empty and there was a tremendous amount of external debt whose payments were timely. Those conditions were extremely contagious. At that time, if a politician was also given the country and it was said that he would govern Never takes the country and does not rule. While Imran Khan’s personality is different, he is not a runaway but a fighting person, his personality is not corrupt and the way that Imran Khan is taking action against the way corruption has spread all over. ? Prime Minister Imran Khan’s self-policy is good, just short of what Imran Khan has in regard to the people, he is getting more and more in the process of implementation.

Mr. Tariq Haleem Vice President FPCCI Signing MOU with Bahria Foundation at Federation House, Karachi.

Imran Khan is trying his best to eliminate corruption from the country. Be stable and the debts owed to Pakistan should be eliminated as soon as possible. If the steps that are being taken today to stop the corruption are stopped, I can write to you that our country will be broken and those who are pointing at Imran Khan’s policy and his personality are not actually Patriotic for the country. Think for their own personal interests so I should stand with the government and provide for the stability of the country with it. I am talking about the current government and trying to talk about the current government. And it should be tried that the present government is going to have a difficult time on the country, but it will soon pass off. The road is there. It should get a little more time. It will also fix the domestic situation and bring the wrong people to their end. You will also be surprised that China and Russia are standing and the relations that are going to happen with Russia. It is in the wider interest of Pakistan, in the country; responding to a question related to the role of KK, he says that the organization has a large number of corrupt and untrue elements so it needs a total dry clean. However is doing business in the country or who is earning money must pay tax as no country in the world can be prosperous without tax. Similarly, prevention of under-invoicing, over invoicing and smuggling will save $ 4-5 billion annually in our country.



Tariq Haleem has been associated with Trade Politics ,Shipping & maritime sector for more than 40 years. Presently he is the Convener of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Standing Committee on “Maritime Affairs & Gwadar Development”. He is also the Vice President of Pakistan Stevedores Conference (G) Ltd’.He is the former Vice President of FPCCI during 2018 representing Shipping & Maritime sector.
He is the immediate past Chairman of Pakistan Ship’s Agents Association.
Member of the KPT Board of Directors.


Life history and Achievements

Tariq Haleem is belong to One of the most well-educated and highly respected families in the subcontinent, His family is highly regarded . He is the youngest son of ABA Halim. The recognition of the scholarly abilities Mr. ABA Halim (Late )has been the credential for more than half a century in Indo-Pak Sub Continent and for half the population of both countries, He is the First Pro Vice Chancellor of Muslims first Educational Academy ie Aligarh University of the subcontinent, Which becomes the basis of Pakistan. After the establishment of Pakistan he becomes the first Vice-Chancellor of Sind University .He laid the foundation of Karachi University and first Vice Chancellor of the University of .He stand from Tehreek-e-Pakistan to Completion of Pakistan, a large number of their students have been instrumental in Pakistan’s constructive development in the form of bureaucrats. Even today, their students hold different positions. Tariq Haleem is considered intelligent, inquisitive and capable of being a student. In 1955, when his family became associated with the maritime trade and came to the shipping line, Tariq Halim began working as a tele-clerk. His special interest is towards ships and ports. As a shipping agent, his company Bulk shipping performance has been acknowledged by major ports authorities in the world including Karachi Port Trust and Port Qasim, KPT has acknowledged the best performance as shipping agent special certificate is awarded. Tariq Halim has been the president of the Shipping Agents Association while his handling of ship at the newly established Gwadar Port has beenacknowledged. He was also supervised the first ship to arrive at Gwadar Port.

TFD: Would you like to Comment something on BMP Leadership?
T.H: He told us that I have an interaction with one of The Business man group leader who is Contesting in this FPCCI Elections (2020),I asked him what you will do if you will win the upcoming FPCCI Elections, what will you do ? He thrice said, that I’m a professional, I responded and said. I’m also a Professional,I ‘m very anxious to know his Business Plans which I’m inquired from him that their road map which he told me his first step to start a Complaint center in Federation House to resolve the business Community issues, I respond him again, did you think that we are doing nothing in Federation, We are solving the issues of Business community on daily basis . Than I tried to show him the mirror of his Leadership .BMp talk about Change and Democratic Values But when it Comes on them they were found Never serious, One incident I would like to add here , BMP Chairman Tariq Saeed Organized a grand Dinner at Movenpick Hotel and invited 7=-8 candidates to deliver their speech that they will select the right Candidate, When all the speeches were finished than Mr.Khalid Tawab asked loudly from Tariq Saeed who is going to select your next President ?Your Jury or You ? Then He said, I’m going to select .So I ll tell you that BMP never follow the democratic values. I also told him about their Past Presidents that who enjoyed fringe benefits on Behalf of FPCCI,Her past President Haji Sherani is from Quetta.His room is always booked in P.C Hotel and another room is taken when his family visit Karachi.Haji Ghulam Mohaammed always accompanied with his friends on foreign trips on FPCCI Expense. Tariq Saeed younger Borther Humayun Saeed use one of the room in FPCCI for his Private Business. His last President grabbed millions of Rupees from FPCCI account and giving salaries to FPCCI staff from graduaty Fund, So we came into power and introduce best Practices in FPCCI .All Pakistan Ambassadors when come to Pakistan they must Visit FPCCI to see our leadership for improving Bilateral trade and to enhance our Exports.
TFD: In the End what message would you like to give your opponent Group?
T.H:I would like to suggest them to understand first Trade and Trade Politics .Their mandate is rejected by Business Community and defeat is their destination .They slept after elections and comes out to contest just before two months they have to work for whole year but ” Honesty is the best Policy “

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