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Glorious century of the Communist Party of China


Shama Munshi

On 1st July 2021, The Communist Party of China (CPC) officially is celebrating its 100 years of existence. The CPC was founded in July, 1921 in Shanghai, China. After arduous struggle, the CPC finally won victory of “new-democratic revolution” and founded the People’s Republic of China in 1949. The CPC is the ruling party of People’s Republic of China.
The long history of the CPC’s achievements strengthen the ideological construct that stood against the imperialism proving that imperialistic rules or forces are nothing but paper tigers in front of the people who are powerful enough to shake any coercive and vicious designs and structures.
The 100th anniversary of the CPC reminds us of the long struggles and beginning of a new era of distinctively Chinese socialism which at last transformed the country into a mighty economy of the world.
The CPC was established with just 57 members in 1921, when China experienced enduring impoverishment, long-standing debility. After 28 years’ revolution and against local warlords, foreign invaders, it led the Chinese people to realize an independence from imperialism and finally established the People’s Republic of China. Now, the CPC ranks among the world’s largest political party with over 90 million members.
The CPC has led the country from the era of Chairman Mao to become the economic global powerhouse of today. Chinese miracle under the leadership of the CPC is the rescue of the cultural identity with planning of practical strategies of development with full determination for ensuring materialization and realization of the targeted goals generating greater stability and social security and, hence similarly, advancing toward the goal of obtaining a relatively affluent society.
The CPC’s history has shown a remarkable ability to survive, adapt, develop. The CPC has set an example of modern socialist country with different stages of development towards economic prosperity. The CPC has always relied on the people, served the people, and been deeply rooted in the people. The CPC and the Chinese people are indispensable for each other.
The CPC is ruling China for seven decades which is rapidly moving China towards world’s leading mentor. The CPC under the visionary leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping is emerging as geo political and military superpower besides being the enormous economic super power of the world.
China’s diplomacy under the leadership of the CPC and President Xi Jinping has been fully involved in China’s tremendous transformation. The Chinese nation has not only risen, but also has also grown prosperous and is becoming stronger. Under President Xi’s leadership, Chinese diplomacy has several salient features. China’s diplomacy is all about serving its nation wholeheartedly, and realizing and safeguarding the fundamental interests of the greatest majority of the people.
The party is devoted not only to serving the well-being of the Chinese people but also to striving for overall human progress globally. Since the People’s Republic of China resumed its lawful seat in the United Nations 50 years ago, it has acted as a champion of human rights, fairness, justice and equality for countries irrespective large and small and its example is Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI) which is a game changer for the developing economies of the world. BRI build an open world economy together with other countries, share more development opportunities with the rest of the world, and make greater contributions to global recovery and growth.
Over the past seven decades and so, China has provided financial aid to 166 countries and international organizations to survive honorably. It is also the second-largest contributor to the UN peacekeeping budget and the largest troop-contributing country among the permanent members of the UN Security Council. China accounts for at least 15 percent of the global economy of about 200 countries.
The CPC working diligently to eradicate poverty to zero and hence taken all the possible initiatives to double the per capita income of the people.
China under dynamic leadership of President Xi Jinping has embarked upon a new journey of fully building a modern socialist country through successful endeavors.
The CPC has also built the world’s largest social security system, with nearly one billion people covered by the basic old-age pension system, with life expectancy now 77 years from 35 years in 1949.
The CPC still stands relevant despite 100 years of its founding as it has successfully brought the country out of the ravages of war to its current status as major world powers. The CPC mission since inception is of national rejuvenation which united the people of China and led them to overthrow the “three big mountains” of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalisms. The CPC has led the nation towards a road for peace, prosperity, independence, liberation and a strong stable country. The CPC has remained at the front, from poverty alleviation to national rejuvenation and modernization.
The CPC has always kept pace with the times and innovated continuously. The CPC-led “economic miracle” converted China into one of the four most important global players. The CPC enjoys the overwhelming support of the great majority of the Chinese citizens as it is not a one-party dictatorship.
Despite China’s massive and multiethnic population, the CPC has managed to preserve the unity and harmony of the people. Some anti-China forces have tried to malign and smear China, and even imposed unilateral sanctions and “long-arm jurisdiction” and flagrantly meddled with China’s internal affairs in breach of international law and basic norms of international relations. China has firmly taken countermeasures against such hegemonic acts. The Chinese nation under the leadership of President Xi Jinping is not deterred at all through such vicious campaign or attempts to interfere in China’s internal affairs.
Western media outlets overwhelmed by bigot approach and lies about China and the CPC but the CPC is a vanguard genuinely catering the needs of the Chinese people and safeguarding their self and national interests keeping its sovereignty intact.
The CPC non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries reflects Chinese wisdom and vision of mutuality and equality which equally disallows other countries to interfere China’s internal affairs.
History has proved that the CPC is truly deserved to be called the glorious political party of the representing the true wishes and aspiration of the Chinese people.
The founding of the CPC in 1921 has indeed made the tremendous changes in Chinese destiny on the right track and direction.
The CPC is a symbol against the imposition of unilateral imperialist systems on humanity. The matter of the fact is that without the CPC, there would be no new China. Chinese know the CPC is their real defender.
The Chinese miracle is mainly due to the leadership of the CPC because they found a model of development in this dynamic world.
The leadership of the CPC is the reason for China’s achievements.