Goodbye Shanghai: Delegates of NSTSR reach Wuhan


On Thursday,the second day of exploring the “New Stories of The Silk Road” we left our hotel after the breakfastat 9:00 AM sharp to visit ‘Shanghai Urban Planning Center” (SUPC), where we were received and briefed by Ms Chen Yi Chuan (Emma Chen). This visit was an amazing. Emma took us to5 floors of the center to explain with pictures of the previous century and just after the foundation of Peoples Republic of China in 1949 of Shanghai, China and now in modern days. She also briefed us about the recent Shanghai at the Presentation Center,the entire Shanghai city through models of all important Areas, Shopping Centers, Business centers and various others, in a big hall of this planning center.
Emma took us for another visit of Shanghai through a Hi-tech presentation at the 5th floor, the Sightseeing Hall of this center,where we hadanother amazing visit of aerial overview of the whole city, and this presentation was shown us in a small room. Through this very Hi-tech presentation of just 8 minutes we saw all Shanghai’s important places for visits, including both Airports, Railway stations, business centers, river cruises, shopping malls and much more just like in our physical presence over there, we were feeling that we are flying over on Shanghai atthe flying dish and were balancing ourselves due to fast moving and sharp turnings of our flying dish. Through this unique presentation we visited all the Shanghai.
SUPC aims to display the past, the present and the future of Shanghai. On the first floorstands the preface hall and on the mezzanine is the hall of Historic and Culture City. The 2nd floor isdedicated to the Temporary Exhibitions. The third floor is Hall of Masters Plan, the 4th floor Hall of Plans for specialized and key Constructions Projects and the top floor Sightseeing Hall.
After the visit we came back to our hotel to take lunch and for checking out to visit the next destination Wuhan, where we got the surprise that our senior member of the delegation from Pakistan, Ahmad Rashid, Director of China-Pakistan Study Center of the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad who on yesterday, September 12, was admitted in Hospital due to high sugar problem. Our host from IDCPC,Yang Qianshuowas looking and caring of him at the hospital, that’s why we missed a lot to Yang also in our all trips at Shanghai excluding Quyang community.
Ahmad Rashid met us warmly and we took lunch together. After lunch we after checking out the hotel catch the train for Wuhan and reached Wuhan just in 4 hours. Ahmed Rashid remained with me all the way to Shanghai to Wuhan. He praised the services of Hospital in Shanghai and informed us that Doctors and Nurses of the hospital cared of him very much whole night and advise him various things for his health ahead.
In this visit Yang and Wang Shuschi on behalf of IDCPC cooperative with us a lot, they are with us from Shanghai and will remain with us during the entire visit to facilitate us. At Wuhan Railway station, our Tour Guide Ms Jennifer has joined us. She in the bus from station to hotel and briefed us about Wuhan in an interesting style. She will remain with us during the trip of Wuhan only.
At Wuhan,we have checked in at 8:30 PM on Thursday at Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza which is a beautiful and 31 floors hotel opposite the Yangtze River of Wuhan.
I felt and known that here in this visit of China,that my Chinese readers and friends in China also reading these diaries of this visit relating to New Stories of The Silk road, being published in The Financial Daily.Two friends in China have sent me following emails.