Goto deploys Oracle Cloud for facilitating online shopping


KARACHI: Pakistan’s emerging online marketplace aims to give a boost to its foothold in the online shopping industry and gain a competitive advantage by successfully deploying Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud solutions to help improve business efficiencies, streamline inventory management and provide an enhanced shopping experience to its customers.
The selection came after’s management decided to add new capabilities to its shopping platform, including process automation to support real-time inventory and order management and 360-degree visibility of all operations and financials to improve decision-making. Another goal is to improve the shopping experience significantly by using synchronized inventory management to ensure its online store only shows available products in its catalogue.
As part of its selection, has deployed Oracle Financial Service Cloud and Oracle Warehousing Management Cloud Service, both part of Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud solutions.
At a recent event ‘Grow with Goto’, the company announced the deployment of Oracle ERP Cloud to their key stakeholders including vendors, payment partners and strategic partners.
“We learned a lot from our participation in the GOSF last year and realized then that process automation is the way-forward for us, especially in the areas of inventory and order management,” said Asadullah Khan, President and CEO of “With Oracle, we are now better prepared to not only meet the increasing demand of customers when we scale up, but also manage our inventories better by streamlining our processes and vendor management processes.”
“ is one of Pakistan’s top online marketplaces, which is no surprise given its focus on the customer and the innovative approach it is taking to bring small, local vendors on board,” said Syed Azam Abidi, Country Head of Applications Business, Oracle Pakistan.
“Already this year the number of online transactions it has processed has increased three-fold, so you can see how critical it is that simplifies and scales its business processes so it can continue to provide positive and personalized experiences to its consumers. It is exciting to see how Oracle’s cloud solutions and its built-in global business practices can help gain a competitive advantage,” he added.
The launch event included presentations by head of Marketing, Shamail Wasi, and head of Vendor Management, Adnan Mirza. Wasi elaborated on the diverse needs of the different types of consumers in the e-commerce space and how is working diligently to tailor its marketing strategies around giving people exactly what they are looking for.
“Oracle’s Cloud Application Suites have enabled us to improve our offering significantly and we’ll continue to adapt to changing consumer behavior. We plan to continue to upgrade to the right set of tools and technology that enhances user experience and provide them with a seamless and personalized online shopping experience,” added Wasi.
The event also provided an opportunity for vendors and brand owners to collaborate with and develop a better understanding of how to establish brand recognition and success in the online market space.