Government Army relations myth

The prime minister of Pakistan as called army and government relations a myth. He said so while addressing the Shudha conferene at GHQ.., the conference was related to 6th September war with india in 1965 which lasted for 17 days, Pakistan being the victor. india had attacked Lahore from three sides without any prior informations.i will not go into detail about the war thrust by india rather confine myself to the topic. The general phrase coined by the media and some disgruntled politician that army and the government was not one page was appearing regularly during Nawaz sharif government who was not happy with the army although he was raised to the prominence by late gen. geelani and gen zia but Nawaz,later on proved to be unfaithful to his mentors .The dawn leaks also manifest that Nawaz was determined to malign the image of the army in which pervaiz Rasheed, shabaz shrif, and saad rafique played a very dirt role to further create distance between the army and the Government.It was during this period(Nawaz Government) army and the government had serious difference especially the tilt of Nawaz towards india and his cold attitude towardsthe problemof occupied kashmir where the kashmiri muslims have been fighting since decades to liberate themselves from the yoke of indian occupation.yet another worrying factor for the establishment was the unbridled corruption by Nawaz government, the panama papers narrate the documented stories how some rich people in Pakistan including Nawaz sharif looted the national exchequer and deposited the money abroad in different banks as well buying properties in London and Dubai etc.besides the parliament was watching the bad governance on the part of Nawaz sharif who hardly attended the proceedings of the national assembly .Some ministers and legislators also followed his pattern and did not attend the Assembly sessions on regular basis.
Meanwhile when Nawaz sharif was ousted from power by the judiciary, he launched a movement against judiciary and the army along with his caustic tongue daughter to further malign the image of the army.The anti Pakistan and raw agents also joined his meetings in which bad language was used against the army to provoke it to take over the government so that he would say to the people that he was innocent and his predicament was becauseof army and judiciary.Even while coming back from London he appealed the people to come on road with him and force the establishment to reverse the decision, but no body came to rescue him, now he in jail because o f his own doing.Actually he was playing a dangerous role against country to create a civil war like situation but he failed miserably in his plan.I think it is time that a thorough inquiry be conducted to ascertain his plans which were drawn by india to harm army the only institution which remains intact and is responsibleto safe guard the frontiers of Pakistan.So the difference between the establishment and the government of Nawaz Sharif is not a myth rather it was a fact which was silently witnessed by the people of well by those who were worried about the future of Pakistan under the corrupt leadership of Nawaz sharif.The Sharif family ruled pakistan intermittently for thirty years, during this long period he build his financial empire illegally and looted the people money while acting closely with india to destroy the various institutions of Pakistan. But now things have changed, the PTI government under the dynamic leadership of Imran khan wants cordial relations with Army so that the chronic issues besetting Pakistan are solved amicably .The Army, the parliament and the Government are powerful institutions which should work in harmony to push Pakistan towards progress and prosperity, the Prime Minister Mr Imran khan fully understands this myth which was created by Nawaz sharif and his coharts.

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