Government’s daunting political challenge

As long as we don’t stop blaming previous rulers and their administration nothing can be put right. PTI before coming in to power knew everything about Pakistan’s position as well of provinces. One thing was obvious of previous rulers irrespective it was a civilian rule or dictators rule there was lack of governance, no discipline, poor infrastructure, lack of basic facilities, shortage of clean drinking water, inner cities roads in bad shape, no proper sewerage system, two systems of law one for the poor one for the rich, extravagance, massive corruption, luxurious living style, loot and plunder, red tapism, bad thana culture, killing of innocent people, rapes, display of weapons, unemployment, bribery a routine matter, institution of false cases against opponents, victimisation, favouritism and absence of rule of law. One can add many more ills of society in the list but these few certainly depict the real picture. Let this be stated categorically that this situation somehow or the other has remained distinguished feature of Pakistan throughout the years. False promises were made to befool people only with one aim to get votes to come in to power. This practice continues unabated therefore common man continues to suffer .Small rain creates problem for the people and God forbid in case of heavy rains the people go through lot of hardships . Rain is not a new phenomenon, each year we receive it some time with low intensity and sometimes with higher intensities causing tremendous loss to infrastructure men and material. People are washed away in heavy rains; children get electrocuted due to open electric wires. These deaths need to be compensated by K Electric and other power companies; it is gross negligence because they have never bothered to ensure safe lying of high tension wires. This state of affairs is visible throughout the country except Islamabad.
There was a time when in Lahore or Karachi heavy rains had no such devastating effect as we find these days. During heavy rains or after the rains there was hardly any place where one could find rain water because it had an excellent drainage system left behind by Britishers. If we start digging out past there will be no end but let us see what our rulers have done with this great country of Pakistan. Undoubtedly Khadim Ala for 30 years worked very hard and build many new roads, raised huge plazas, improved the great Mall Road, built ring road but failed to develop proper sewerage system to counter heavy rains. Floods as we know is regular feature in Pakistan its intensity may differ but each year we face same situation as it happened now. Well I have seen Khadim Ala with typical English hat moving in rain along with team of cameraman and reporters covering the visit of former CM walking through the rain water putting heavy rain shoes walking through water pointing out his fingers to administration for providing immediate relief, but what surprises each year he would undergo same exercise but never took remedial measures as a result we see action replay in the shape of rain water spread in all directions making it difficult even to drive vehicle. Most hit community is people with motor cycles. This year we have witnessed horrible scenes of cars, buses, rickshaws submerged in water. 35 years of military rule and they also did nothing to improve the basic structure. Even today people don’t get safe clean drinking water what a shame. Exactly in the same manner Karachi is facing similar problem what we are witnessing in Lahore. People must have seen action replay when CM Punjab drove his Prado in rain water and gave lift to few ladies while men were watching and Mayor of Karachi sitting with Governor Sind having a tea at way side utility hotel.This is not the solution of rain water. PTI knew everything about province of Punjab. They have spent one year what steps were taken by them to improve the sewerage system? Unfortunately we are liberal to spend money on the roads that lead to our home and farms. Punjab government spent illegally Rs 28 crore to raise wall of private house of Nawaz Sharif that is now under consideration how to demolish. This is again a wrong step, it would be more appropriate to charge some amount and regularise it otherwise millions will sink more in demolishing the existing structure.
Question arises, what should be the priority of government and at the same time opposition has also to give their plan of action. Unfortunately both government and opposition are busy in letting down each other and fight is on in full swing. Opposition moved resolution to remove chairman Senate with 64 vote’s majority but lost election due to secret balloting when 14 Senators voted in favour of Sanjrani. One thing is very obvious opposition for the sake of opposition is on one page but internally stand divided. Parliamentarians have wasted one year that has resulted in more miseries to common man and gradually they are finding it difficult to make both ends meet. Situation is getting bad to worst. Accountability process is going on in full speed but disposal of cases is very slow, ceasefire violations are on the increase, India still reluctant to talk to Pakistan, Afghanistan is unhappy with Pakistan. Political differences causing further unrest and frustration because these differences have been converted in to personal rivalries.
Financially we are brook, borrowing of loans from IMF and local banks with huge circular debt is sending alarm signals but no one seems to be worried.US has certainly taken U turn and Trump’s love for Pakistan remains unpredictable. Opposition is planning a big sit in Islamabad, under the circumstances government has to plan a proper strategy taking opposition on board that is not happening. Recent damage caused by rains is another big issue, a proper solution is to forge unity otherwise everything will collapse
To expect Imran Khan alone will put the house in order appears to be remote possibility in a country where everything is artificial or DU NUMBERY, presence of godfather, different mafias, lawlessness, unemployment, businesses shutting down, NAB showing teeth, everywhere corruption is rampant rates have gone high over and above kitty is empty, uncontrollable taxes, hue and cry by poor and with recent rains situation has gone bad to worst may result in people revolution. Are we prepared for that? If not, time to attend to poor people issues with lightening speed.

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