Governor Zubair resigns, criticizes ECP for delay in election results

KARACHI: Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair said that despite the passage of four days, the election process is still not over.
Speaking at a press conference on Sunday at Governor House, Zubair said the elections were managed in a way to make one particular party win.
There are three ways to do this – pre-poll, polling day and after polling, he said. No one expected that this level of rigging would occur in the counting process, lamented Zubair.
He said the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should be ashamed. He accused them of dictating what the results should be.
Speaking about the ECP’s result transmission system, he asked how such an important mechanism could stop working so suddenly. “Did it stop working or did someone stop it from working?” he asked. “Who is responsible for this and why did the ECP not tell us earlier?” demanded the PML-N leader.
When all political parties have raised doubts about the counting process, then the ECP should address the issue and do something to remedy it, he urged.
The Sindh governor, who resigned on Saturday, said that according to the law, if the difference is less than 5%, then a complete recount is in order.
He criticised the media for not covering protests and incidents relating to recounts. “No one covered the incidents in Murree and Mansehra where two people died,” he said.
The PML-N leader said an environment was not created where everyone was free to campaign and conduct pre-election activities. Cases were lodged against PML-N leaders, disqualifying them from contesting, he said. He also criticised the numerous extensions in the Sharif family’s court hearings, saying that the case had been pushed forward to make it closer to the election. – NNI

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