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Govt facilitating investors thru favourable policies

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting Chaudhary Fawad Hussain talking to media at an event arranged by the management of First Women Microfinance Bank, here Thursday. - PID photo

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has said that the government is providing all possible facilities to investors through favourable and investment friendly policies.
Talking to a delegation of Entrepreneurs Organisation, which called on him on Thursday, the information minister said that the government has taken concrete steps for industrial revolution in the country. He said that during the tenure of the previous government, de-industrialisation was done in the country and the PTI after coming to power took concrete measures to stop this process.
He said that Pakistan is a safe country where local and foreign investors and businesses enjoy protection. The minister said that the government believes that the country will make progress if the industrial sector is developed as the business sector has a big role in the country’s economic development.
Fawad opined that the industrial and business sector not only provides employment opportunities at large scale but also contribute to the increase of the country’s GDP. He said that due to the government’s steps, investment in Pakistan Stock Exchange has increased considerably. He said that companies operational in Pakistan are earning record profit and a 37 percent increase was registered in the people’s income.
He said that Rs1,100 billion have been added in the rural economy and the farmers are prospering. Due to industrial and agricultural progress in the country, he said, the sale of cars and motorcycles has shown an upward trend. He said that the government is aware of the problems of the salaried class and is taking measures to address their problems. He urged the profit-earning companies to increase salaries of their workers.
The delegation appreciated the government’s steps for the development of industries and business sector in the country.
Separately, addressing the launching ceremony of FINCA Microfinance Bank’s first branch staffed entirely by women, Fawad on Thursday highlighted the important role of women in national development, underlining the need for their more active participation in economic growth to reduce poverty in the country.
He urged females to create their own businesses and companies as there is no issue of their financial inclusion in Pakistan. The public and private sectors have created multiple opportunities to boost the women and entrepreneurs access to the finances, he said, mentioning a recent programme launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan recently under the Ehsaas umbrella to offer loans amounting to Rs0.5 million for every household of low-income group.
“If 50 percent of the population does not work then how will the country move forward?” he questioned and said: “Unless we let women enter into our economic life on an equal basis, this country will remain poor.”
Fawad reiterated that the only solution to inflation is an increase in income generation. He said the people in rural areas are not hit by the inflation as of those who are living in urban areas as there has been an increase in farmers’ income. – TLTP