GRA’s clarification on CNG stations inspection by HDIP

ISLAMABAD: This refers to the news item captioned “HDIP suffers Rs.370mn revenue loss on account of CNG stations inspections” appeared in the press which has been grossly misinterpreted and facts were misstated.
It is clarified that the subject para which is under discussion has been settled by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in its meeting on 19 December 2017 since the PAC acknowledged that HDIP has no exclusive rights for inspection of CNG Stations.
It is further clarified that OGRA has been empowered under the rules to appoint Third Party Inspectors (TPIs) as part of regulatory activities in compliance with the policy issued by the Government of Pakistan.
The Government is cognizant that performance of any organisation improves with competition hence induction of independent Third Party Inspectors has been made. The appointment of TPIs is based on the open competition as per the requirement of PPRA Rules to ensure transparency, fair play and level playing field to all stakeholders.
In compliance with PPRA Rules and keeping in view the capacity constraints of HDIP, the inspection of CNG Stations is evenly distributed to all TPIs including HDIP at a fixed fee. The activity being monitored is critical from the point of public safety and is also time bound. – NNI