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Heartbreaking remarks on heartrending tragedy


The whole nation, once again, has plunged into an unfathomable ocean of grief and concern after watching and reading reports of another pronounced train accident and the resultant loss of lives, on electronic, print and social media. The dreadful sight of crying andmoaning passengers with wounded limbs and languishing souls added to the ache and sorrow of every citizen, beyond any cavil of cast, creed or political affiliation. Nonetheless, the most awful and shocking fact, in this regard, was the highly shameful and pinching remarks of our conscienceless government ministers who set the whole responsibility on the previous government–their archrivals who go on haunting their minds round the clock and keep them from performing for the welfare of their masses. It is highly condemnable to claim that the train tracks have not been maintained, repaired or upgraded by the previous governments. It may be considered as an excuse for shutting down train service in Pakistan but not for letting a huge havoc take place. If the track and the whole railway infrastructure has been destroyedby the previous governments and this fact is well perceived by the incumbent government, why does it not wind up the whole system and dissolve the Railway Ministry? Who will be responsible if any such incident take place in future (the post-7th June Tragedy)? Does the PTI government not own our masses who are being sent to the track to death every day?
Technically speaking, most of the railway mishaps, occurred in Pakistan, were triggered by the administrative and staff negligence and poor operational system. In the recent tragedy, the major blow took place when another train collided with the already capsised and scattered vans of the derailed train. When we cast a cursory glance at the previous such calamities, we definitely come across the reports of collisions of the trains due to failed and poor brake system, warning system, signal system and, above all, operational management.Derailment of the trains caused by an outdated and dilapidated railway track is an undeniable reality, but not the whole story.
Honestly speaking, if you conduct a survey in the society or the circle of regular railway travelers, you will most probably come to know that it was the era of SaadRafiq, as a Railway Minister, that was considered to be comparatively much better than all other tenures during last three decades. The use of information & computer technology, upgradation of restaurants and dining cars, cleanliness and maintenance, booking and refunding procedures and many other areas were improved considerably during that period.During three years of the current government, more than 80 railway accidents have taken place and it is a record in the country’s history. Sheikh Rasheed claimed he would transform the railway system, but he destroyed the department and, then, he was replaced by the current railway minister Azam Swati whose first words, after taking oath as a minister were, “In my opinion, Railway department should be wound up”.
Last year, the chief justice admonished the then PTI government Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed saying, “You should have submitted your resignation,” on the charges of sheer negligence of the department that resulted in a big mishap that killed 73 passengers and left scores of the people badly injured, in October 2019.This incident did not have anything to do with the track and was caused by a sudden fire that engulfed a train when, apparently, a gas cylinder brought by one of the travelers exploded. The intensively painful aspect is that in this age of information technology, the engine driver remained unaware of the erupted fire and the train went on running and running while vans were catching fire one by one. How much would an alarming bell’s installation in every compartment cost? Even if an emergency number of the engine crew is mentioned on every van’s doors, every passenger can make an emergency call from his mobile phone. But, the problem is that commoners have never been of any value or worth in our slavish third world society.