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Hello world how is the lockdown


Today when one looks towards the world in which we live, we find people are scared and tried their best to get out of this pandemic to save their lives and of their families. They are so scared that they didn’t even venture out of their homes. The virus has made people sit at their homes. This virus is unseen for human eye; it can be only seen through microscope. Till yesterday the world powers in their ego threatening those nations who were weak that if we like will crush you in the blink of an eye, the example Americas threatening statements against Afghanistan.
If one takes a look towards the world in which we all live especially towards the Muslim nations they were destroyed one after the other by these world powers. They snatched from them peace and make them refugees in their own countries. Tens of thousands of innocent people were massacred like animals by the arrogance of these world powers. When the people were brutally killed, when their homes were bombed, when their economies were intentionally making suffer and crippled, when their lives were make hell, no one came forward for their help and no one tried to stop the hands of arrogance of power. Thousands of people get injured and are now living their lives handicapped. Some don’t have arms; some don’t have legs while some were snatched from the eye sight from the deadly pellet guns.
Kashmir which also existed on this planet earth has been a slaughter house from the past more than seventy years. Every nook and corner of this piece of land tells the horror which was done upon its surface. Before seventy years when their rulers decide their fate without asking them and without taking their aspirations and sentiments into consideration. The world community then came forward and guaranteed them that your wishes and expectations will be fulfilled but unfortunately till date nothing happens. They forget their promises while thousands lost their lives in this piece of land asking for the same. The place became hell which was once called paradise on earth.
On 5th of August 2019 when the world was busy in the normal course of business, the special status which was granted to them by the so called world’s largest democracy was snatched from them. The whole of the region was put under the strict curfew which lasts for more than six months. No one was allowed to venture out of their homes, nor any one was allowed to make whisper what happens or what was done to them. All communication lines were snatched even landline based telephone were also kept shut for months together.
With this move Kashmir’s were shocked what happened and what was done to them because they were well aware the step was taken to convert the majority into minority.
The inhabitants of the vale in the chose and uncertainty look towards the world community, but unfortunately they found them busy in materialistic things and were honoring each other with highest awards for their materialistic gains and benefits when humanity sinked in the vale. The inhabitants then look towards the skies and ask help from Almighty, the creator of this universe.
The world right now is under strict curfew. People are dying like cattle’s. Doctors too lost their lives. Every falls flat and looks helpless before this deadly virus.
Many places people don’t have food to eat. They don’t have transport to reach their destinations. They got struck in the middle of the tide. At one place a women throws her five kids into river because she don’t have food to feed her kids. At another place a little kid died in the arms of her mother as there was no transport to reach hospital on time. When the wails and shirks of those mothers got unheard who lost their sons by the brutality in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Burma. These things are bound to happen in which the world is passing and facing now as there is one super power in whose court of justice no whisper or cry got unheard.
No one can better feel and understand the pain of those who lost their loved ones because of this pandemic as of Kashmir’s. We pray to Almighty to heal everyone who got infected because of this deadly disease and eliminate this disease so that the humanity cannot suffer any more. And guide all towards the righteous path.