Heros of invincible nation, Pakistan Army Zindabad!

This article is a tribute to Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed, who’s our hero and pride!

Pakistan Army is ranked in most powerful armies across the globe, 6th of September (Defence Day) is being celebrated with patriotism in Pakistan. Journalists are writing, speaking about the history and Martyrs of Pakistan Army. DG ISPR requested media and nation to visit places of martyrs of Pak Army and display posters of martyr’s. Media can play pivotal role in it on giving visibility to them via their transportation, on airports and railway stations too. Let us reach out everywhere to thank the families of martyrs, unique campaign with the name of #WeLovePakistan is already trending on social media.
“Nation will pay tribute to its Martyrs and their families on 6 Sep. Every Pakistani will Insha’Allah be part of this unique campaign reaching out to their families, home, street, village, city, province and place of Martyrdom. Let’s salute their sacrifice.” Director General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor.
Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed left his last message on 16th of May 2009, which was later shared by his father in one of the interviews: “In the roads of bullets, in the thunder of bombs, there are few who just don’t stop, knowing that they are surrendered by death. Knowing that they could leave their wives widow and children orphan, but they just keep on moving because something is pumping in their hearts. And flowing through their veins known as Honour-Devotion-Motivation! Death over surrender, that’s why they say DEATH BEFORE DISGRACE PAK ARMY ZINDABAD!”
In of the interviews Captain (R) Zafar Tajamal said that his son was very brave, patriotic, loving and so perfect that I being a father already convicted him won’t live anymore that perfection is hardly seen in human. He already predicted his martyrdom and asked his brother to give that news himself to their parents, kept ready his military uniform for coffin too.
Naeema Zafar mother of Captain Bilal Zafar reported once my son was in conversation with me and said, “Mother imagine you are sitting here, gate opens in front of you two officers enters house salute you and say that congratulations mother your son is martyred, how would you feel?” I told him what you are talking.
Captain Bilal Zafar got his early education from St Paul’s Cambridge School and Government Post Graduate College Satellite Town Rawalpindi. Indeed he was highly motivated from his forefathers noble military background and inspired by Patriotism so he carried the legacy. Captain Zafar Abbasi, ex Pak Army officer Participated In1971 War; where he fought like a hero joined Army in 1969. His Great Grandfather Subedar Lal Khan participated in World War 1 and was conferred with King George Cross for his gallantry. Subedar Lal Khan’s son and Captain Bilal Shaheed’s Grandfather, Colonel Tajamal Hussain wrote new chapters of bravery and commitment to the nation. He participated in World War II on Singapore front. Later his love for freedom compelled him even to revolt against British Raj. After creation of Pakistan in 1947, Colonel Tajamal volunteered to fight for freedom of Kashmir against Indian aggression. He commanded a Mujahid Brigade on Bagh – Uri front and stalled Indian advance which was intended to reach Muzafarabad. For his meritorious services, he was later conferred with Fakhr-e-Kashmir award. Not only from paternal side, Capt Bilal’s veins had martial blood from his maternal grandfather Major Majeed and uncle Major Haider as well. Captain Zafar, father of Bilal Shaheed also followed the traditions of the family and joined Army in 1969. After getting release, he fully devoted himself to his two sons and four daughters. Mrs Zafar gave her full support to her husband in training his sons for great heroic deeds. This Lady is a living example of dedication, patriotism and fortitude. Of course, these words derive their meanings from these characters. Their both sons were Black Belts even before joining PMA Kakul. They were trained very hard to do the deeds which only heroes can dare to do.
Bilal participated in Op Al – Mizan in 2004, United Nation Operation In Cote De Ivoire, and Op Rah-e-Rast and has been awarded with Imtiazi Sanad for his valor and various operations.
Bilal has been also awarded Sitara-e-Basalat (which is the Highest Award for Excellence & Courage (operations other than war) which was received By His Beloved Mother on 23 march 2010 after His Shahadat.
We love Pakistan and we love Pakistan Armed Forces, Pakistan Zindabad!

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