High time to put your house in order

Kissi kay baap ka naukar nahi” tells Federal Minister Faisal Wada for Water in response to notice issued by Chairman Public Accounts Committee to appear in person. Chairman Public Account Committee is a constitutional appointment and since PTI has accepted the demand of opposition to appoint Shahbaz Sharif and swallowed bitter pill therefore that has to be respected at all costs. Look at the language and tone of public servant elected by people of Pakistan. By now Prime Minister should have asked his explanation that would have enhanced the image of PTI. This is not a case in isolation, but has become a routine in Pakistan with majority of the politician tend to behave in same manner and that is the beauty of Pakistan type democracy. If you glance through headlines of leading dailies of Pakistan in the morning it gives an impression of a nearing failed state. This situation is prevailing for many years and continues unabated. We as a nation are impatient and intolerant therefore it is unfair to blame any particular party. We are collectively displaying this character and now getting out of control
Talk shows have been turned in to Tamasha in the hands of Internet journalists. Unfortunately majority of the anchors feel that they are expert in all the fields and what they say is the only truth, whereas their knowledge is restricted to Google and various periodicals and newspapers which always has a touch of personal ideas. Look at the accusations by government against opposition and opposition’s charges against government both seem to be correct as the accusations and charges have some weight in them. Unfortunately the reason of all these ills is that no government including dictators has been able to enforce law of the land. Because all political parties interfere in day today working that has virtually destroyed the system of governance. People voted PTI for change, to break away from status quo but it ended up in catastrophe. Imran Khan always criticized old politicians and promised to bring new young leadership, except for accommodating few close friends remaining leadership belongs to status quo. What could be the bigger tragedy that PTI had to rely on old stalwarts belonging to different parties? Adhocism is the order of the day that is creating more uncertainties. Promises made to people have not been fulfilled. Mini budgets keep coming causing hardships to common man. Our dilemma is that we have not yet come out of our past. We continue cursing previous governments but ” APNAY GIRABAN MAIN JHANKANA PASAND NAHI KARTAY” If we glance at 2108 we did nothing productive accept mudslinging on institutions.We failed to strengthen institutions, create harmony. There is no continuity of policies, the new government feels insulted to complete the unfinished projects and try to scrap everything of the past government but at what cost. We are divided in different camps because some of us are being heavily paid to do the damage. Looting and plunder is our hobby, come what may we damn care what the law says.
Look at the fate of Nawaz Sharif former prime minister of Pakistan. He is in jail, his daughter is in jail, and his sons are declared absconders, son in law in jail, Ishaq Dar wanted by police, Shahbaz Sharif facing corruption charges. The matter does not end here opposition crying against Aleema Khan, Tareen, and Parvez Khattak Defence Minister of Pakistan. That is the brighter side of our politics remains in disarray even after 71 years. What a tragedy of this nation that we are at the brink of falling apart but no one is bothered, and each leader is trying to pull down the others. Efforts are on to topple Sind government without realising its consequences. Those who live in glass houses should never pelt stones on others as the reaction could be very harmful. It is time all political parties must respect each other’s mandate and set an example of respecting past rulers
It is almost six months that PTI government is in power but so far no legislation has taken place. Each day one hears that government is planning to impose new taxes, is it the solution to the problem. Where is the dream to provide 10 million jobs and 50 lac houses to poor? By now the construction should have started but there is no planning at all. It is also true that opposition is not cooperating? Question arises why opposition should cooperate? They also faced 126 days dharna in D Chowk. In fact opposition is carrying out deep planning to remove the government through constitutional means. We are in financial crisis but that was known to everybody, no one is working out any tangible plan to overcome financial crisis entire government is busy in criticising opposition on corruption cases and doing nothing to redress the main economic issue. Business community is unhappy their demands have not been met, neither rebate has been paid. Promises made by the government to provide relief to business community has not yet materialised, they are getting frustrated. Bureaucracy has not changed so the old culture prevails adding to more problems. The ministers have become out of control adding fuel by their statements making things difficult for the government. Imran Khan may have long cherished goals for the betterment of people but then he needs proper team.
PTI dilemma is that they are still busy in highlighting previous governments poor performance buttaking no interest towards improving own governance. Our rulers, opposition and media is busy in discussing corruption cases and accusing each other what is cooking up internationally against Pakistan is missing from their agenda. What Imran should try to understand that if PML N and PPP join hands (that is not likely but anything can happen) it could turn the tables. It is the prime responsibility of the prime minister to ensure that all political parties are taken on board on matters of national interest, divided house can never achieve desired results earlier we understand better its is.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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