How long will the attitude of this society remain unserious?


Feminism is a common word for different political and social ideologies and movements with the slogan of personal, social, political and economic equality for women all over the world, but in Pakistan the word is synonymous with ‘hive of sheep’. Criticism, sarcasm and abuse started buzzing here.
There are many facets to the word abuse and it is used in a variety of ways in everyday conversation, so the more you think about it, the more you will be able to understand it. Someone has violated your rights or someone has snatched something valuable from you is not acceptable. It is an abuse itself.
I’ve always been far from saying anything, reacting, making noise, getting involved in discussions about abuse because I know what happens. The media just gets a new topic and the society gets a chance to leave its collar and go on a unique topic and complain for a while. But what progress has been made so far? What is the benefit of the Zainab Alert Bill? Her culprit was hanged, but the next month six girls were raped. If the execution had been resolved, there would not have been so many cases next month. These are the statistics in front of us and there will be many victims who do not speak out of fear because they are afraid not only of the society but also of the thinking of their family members. Because she knows that suffering is only for the one who has already suffered. And the character is not only at stake but also crucified.
What happened yesterday will become an old story after two or four days. When the media finds out from which designer the famous actress made her dress and which actor’s shoes are made of diamonds.
We are all people in a society where the speaker is guilty. What kind of arrow would you shoot in the home of the mentally ill? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. At the same time, the bee-like scholars who are sitting in every house are also fulfilling their duty by entering the field. ( Why did she come out when everyone else is sitting at home?)
This is all because the mother of this society has already died. The whole society sat in the well to control the depression of their thinking as to why the woman came out. And a large number of women who can’t even get out of the house in the evening are blaming the other woman that she shouldn’t have taken such an unknown route in the middle of the night without checking the fuel with her three children.
And look at the comments of the men.
“If women don’t wear scarves, that’s what will happen.”
“Why did you travel without Mehram?”
But think for a moment about those who slept at home in the last hours of the night and thought like that, never for some reason or even forced to go out in the middle of the night? Have they ever agreed to go through a deserted place, day or night?
How long will the attitude of this society remain unserious? The artificial faces of the big claimants will be unveiled every time and we will sit at home to set a high example of indifference. And before they (victim) speak, they will keep their mouths shut for fear of slipping. Now it is more a matter of mother relationship with daughters. What else is there to wait for?
Now mothers should stand up. Now the matter is out of bounds. Now mothers should train their daughters in such a way that it is impossible for a man to be steadfast. And master the art of judo and karate. Now they have to do something on their own, they have to follow this society, otherwise they like to be crushed. And these crushers don’t even remember that what you are openly doing outside can happen inside the walls of your house.
There are many reasons for feminism but one of the main reasons is lack of accurate information about it. People do not know that it does not mean that she is an enemy of Islam, a supporter of misguidance, a ruler over men, a woman disgusted with relationships.
Feminism is not to say that we hate men and start doing evil to them. I think a lot of men also play a role in empowering and encouraging women and we should not forget their role. If research is done, it will be known that there are many ‘brands’ of feminism and all the brands agree that inequality between men and women is not natural but due to social attitudes and it can be changed. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “