Howie Mandel’s Wife Suffers Gruesome Injury in Las Vegas Hotel Fall


Howie Mandel, the well-known “America’s Got Talent” judge, recently shared a harrowing account of his wife Terry Mandel’s severe injury during a trip to Las Vegas. During an appearance on “Live With Kelly and Mark,” Mandel recounted the incident that left his wife with a gruesome facial injury.

The Accident
According to Howie, the accident occurred in the middle of the night when his wife, who was “tipsy,” got up and fell in their hotel room. “She headed into the wall,” Mandel recalled. “And she fell and hit the wainscoting. She hit that as she went down. She slipped, went down, hit that on her eye, then fell on the floor and broke her cheek.”

Discovering the Injury
The comedian was alarmed when he heard the fall. Upon turning on the light, he found Terry lying on the floor with blood pooling around her head. “You could actually see her skull,” he told the audience, describing the deep gash in her forehead and a severely bruised eye. Howie, visibly shaken by the memory, shared a photo of the injury, showcasing the extent of the damage.

Immediate Response
Howie described his immediate reaction, saying, “I freaked out. I picked her up, I put her on the bed. There’s blood everywhere.” In a state of panic, he grabbed all the available towels to staunch the bleeding. Terry, despite her injuries, repeatedly asked for ice. Howie tried to comfort her with cold soda cans from the mini-fridge, which she then threw across the room in frustration.

Seeking Medical Help
Desperate for help, Howie contacted the hotel’s front desk and pleaded with the security guards to call 911. He accompanied Terry to the hospital, where she received the necessary medical attention.

Recovery and Reflection
Thankfully, Terry has been recovering well since the accident. Howie reassured fans that she looks “absolutely perfect” without any visible scarring from the ordeal. The couple’s enduring love and support for each other have helped them through this difficult time.

A Lasting Partnership
Howie and Terry Mandel have been married since 1980 and share three children: son Alex and daughters Jackie and Riley. The couple, who were high school sweethearts, first met when Terry, then 14, loaned Howie money for French fries. Howie humorously reflected on their long history together, joking that he has been “paying her back ever since.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected challenges life can present and the importance of being prepared to handle emergencies. Howie Mandel’s heartfelt recounting of his wife’s injury and recovery highlights the strength of their relationship and the resilience they both possess.


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