Huge gathering of Indian American in Houston

After above two-hour-long sharing the stage with US President Donald Trump at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, Modi’s speech was devoted to saying the tremendous gathering of Indian Americans how everything was just fine in India. The Indian economy is fighting a crippling deceleration. The automobile industry has been one of the badly crashed sectors, with sales for the 10th straight month in August. Domestic passenger vehicles witnessed a dip of about 31.6 percent in sales as compared to the year- back period. The Indian government had assessed GDP to grow by about percent 7 for financial year 2019, the growth rate decline to a 20-quarter low in April-June. Financial services firm Credit Suisse has said that the FMCG section could probably witness an exorbitant dip in sales, making 2019-20 the sector’s most serious year in 15 years. The unemployment disaster in India also does not appear to be getting better. Joblessness in India was at a 45-year high. The Monitoring Indian Economy, a business information company, unemployment rate for the month of August stands at 8.2 percent. The tense northern Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir is still tottering under an internet and communications crackdown, in place since August 5. After the Modi government abolished Articles 370 and 35A in the state and divided into two union territories, several political leaders have been under house arrest and there are harsh restrain on civilian movement. Kashmir is a contentious issue between India and its neighbor Pakistan, and is a tricky subject for the US. President Trump has proposed to mediate the Kashmir issue in the past, which India did not accept. Almost 50,000 people gathered. Mr Modi is likely to face criticism over tensions in occupied Kashmir, which he deprived of its special status last month. Trade talks and the UN General Assembly are on the Indian prime minister’s agenda during his week-long visit to the United States. Kashmir’s and Sikhs living in the United States focused on Houston, Texas, on Sunday to express their resentment with the Indian prime minister over the removal of occupied Kashmir’s special status and excesses committed by Delhi’s law enforcement agencies against minorities. Modi’s visit and Trump’s decision to attend it was aimed at the largest Indian vote for the Republican Party. RSS was inspired by Germany’s Nazi party. Ancestors chose to remain in India at the time of partition, but is doing right now is taking India towards a frightening racist direction. The expression of Kashmiris has been strangled because of the media prohibition. There’s no way to life-saving medicine or even food.
Modi’s government annulled Kashmir’s special status on August 5, and a conversation collapse has been in place ever since, with reports of huge raids, arrests, and torment. In Assam in the northeast of India, 1.9 million people, many of them Muslim, women, and poor, could lose their citizenship position. Ever since Modi came into force, Dalits, who have long suffered caste inequality and religious minorities, have faced higher degree of oppression. Human rights supporters are reporting an increase in mob violence from cow protection groups aiming Muslims and other minorities. It is also soul breaking to see Christians in India facing violence and inequality. All of this is true with Modi’s right Hindu nationalist agenda, which attempt to prioritize the rights of Hindus and diminish the rights of others.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not have expected for a good start to his US trip than addressing a public rally on Sunday with US President Donald Trump at Houston’s NRG Stadium. The Hindu nationalist leader is countering domestic and international criticism over his determination to annul occupied Kashmir of its autonomy on August 5 and send hundreds of thousands of additional troops to the region, following a rise in attacks in the Muslim-majority region. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is also in the US to participate in the UN General Assembly session, is anticipating that the international community will reprimand Modi for his Kashmir actions. Khan is expected to raise the Kashmir conflict during his meeting with Trump and in his Friday General Assembly speech. Modi and Trump have very good personal relations, but the Sunday occasion is also anticipated to enhance trade relations and accelerate boost security ties between the US and India. US increased substantially during 2018-19, making the US India’s largest trade partner, exceeding China. Trump is also interested to convince over the Indian community in Houston, a Democratic fortress in the Republican- controlled Texas, a state that will be critical to the US leader in his 2020 reelection offer. Indian-Americans comprise roughly 1 percent of the US population with a population assumed to be 4 million. They are also among the richest communities in the US. Approximately 300,000 of them live in Houston and nearby Dallas. Cautious of Trump’s anti-immigrant messages, approximately 75 percent of these people voted for his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in 2016.
Since August 5, an estimated 4,000 people have been arrested in the Jammu and Kashmir region. The arrests come as authorities attempt to crack down on protests and unrest in the weeks since the region was driven out of its special status. India’s removal of the autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir has strained ties with Pakistan, which has also claimed parts of the region. The Indian-controlled region has also experienced frequent communication blackouts since August 5. Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany said that India must end this lockdown in order to restore diplomatic relations with Pakistan and find a solution to turmoil in the area. Some US politicians and Congress representatives have criticized Modi for human rights violations in Kashmir. Analysts and experts say that Trump joining hands with Modi will be seen as an approval of his policies. The event is not necessarily an approval of Modi’s Kashmir policy, but it does show India’s growing global significance. The US observes India as a principal player in world affairs and wants it on its side. Kashmiri-American groups protested against Modi and the Kashmir lockdown outside Houston’s NRG Stadium.

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