Human peddling

The human peddling racket involving Chinese smugglers and Pakistani women is not only a source of worries but also of self examination. The accused deceived Pakistani families by marrying girls with the help of local agents and the affected were exposed to sexual utilization after being trafficked to China soon after their fraud marriage. The problem is not peculiar to Pakistan. Likewise cases have been noticed from Myanmar, Vietnam, and a heap of other second rate countries. In some cases, women are attracted on the reason of respectable jobs, but those jobs always turn out to be forced sex work. Poverty and absence of opportunities compelled many hopeless women to pursue this. Over twelve more Chinese nationals and seven locals were arrested while some Pakistani girls were saved among an excessive clampdown on the gangs entangled in false marriages with Pakistani girls for trafficking them to China supposedly for organ removal and sexual utilization. Ten Chinese nationals along with their three local associates were arrested in Lahore, while another three Chinese nationals and on the other hand four locals were arrested during split assault in Islamabad and Rawalpindi on charges of fake, and women trafficking. Three Chinese men arrested as FIA tighten hands on doubtful international prostitution circle. The arrest of the suspects came a day after eleven members of a Chinese gang were taken into custody by the Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore reports that above ninety Pakistani women, many of them belonging to poor Christian families, have already been trafficked after being entangled into fraud marriages.
As the news of sex and human trafficking spread on a large scale the federal Interior Minister took notice of the issue directed the officials to undertake ambassadors and government officials in the matter while chairman of the Senate standing committee on interior asked for a comprehensive report from concerned officials on the matter time limit the next three days FIA team rounded houses in a neighborhoods near the Allama Iqbal International Airport where they arrested nine Chinese men and a woman along with their three local associates. During the searches which were supervised by Deputy Director the FIA team also rescued two Pakistani brides. The suspects were being questioned, hinting at further arrests in the forthcoming days. The FIA moved into action on reports that some Chinese nationals were really responsible in sexual exploitation and organ selling of the Pakistani girls they took along with them as brides to China. In the previous week the FIA had arrested two like Chinese bridegrooms while entering into contract in Faisalabad. The FIA stated that the Chinese gang would aim poor families, mostly Christians, in several cities of Punjab. The gang would support all expenses of the marriage and also give cash and gifts to the bride’s family. The anti-human trafficking cell of the FIA conducted entered in the two cities and arrested seven suspects, comprising three Chinese nationals. Both poor victims of fraud marriage to the FIA DG told they were being exploited by a gang led by Chinese nationals. The Federal Investigation Agency’s immigration staff took into custody the two couples and a single woman on charges of bride trafficking and shifted them to the FIA’s anti-human trafficking section for questioning. Chinese authorities had held two meetings with Minister for Interior. The Chinese authorities were frank to the minister that if someone individually had done anything wrong that should not be advertised by holding press conferences, because that is giving disrepute to their country. Chinese authorities had jointly investigated with their Pakistani counterparts the allegations of Pakistani women married off to Chinese men being forced into prostitution or organ sale but found no proof. There was no forced prostitution or sale of human organs for those Pakistani women who stay in China after marriage with Chinese. All the detained Chinese nationals had been visiting Pakistan on business visas on arrival and therefore none of them was unlawful immigrant. Chinese authorities pointed out that if anyone from South Asian countries is arrested in China, the authorities there don’t publicise their nationality. They only mention that a South Asian has been arrested. After the Chinese authorities expressed their annoyance over advertising the arrest of Chinese nationals, the FIA has been orally asked to calm down the clampdown and dodge arrests in case any girl came to them for a complaint. The embassy statement issued a second by the embassy in almost a month was issued among increase media reports of Pakistani women being tricked into marriages with the Chinese and the law enforcement action by Pakistani authorities against people and marriage bureaus in entering into contract such fake matrimony.
China will continue collaboration with Pakistan on the issue. China will increase cooperation with the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan, to aggressively fight crime, so as to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the two countries. An insignificant criminal cannot be permitted to weaken the friendship between the two countries.

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