IIUI and IDB agree to deepen bilateral cooperation

ISLAMABAD: A six-member high level Islamic Development Bank (IDB) delegation visited International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) where both sides agreed to deepen and further strengthen the bilateral cooperation and expand the ventures through science and technology funds of the Bank, says a Press release.
In new campus, in a briefing headed by the IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai the delegation was apprised about the latest state of the art facilities at the Centre for Centre for Advanced Electronics & Photovoltaic Engineering (CAEPE) built with funding of IDB. The meeting also discussed partnership through center, recommendations and also reviewed challenges such as sustainability of the center and resources.
Delegation was briefed by Engineer Muhammad Shoaib regarding commercialization of the center and its usage across the country through Higher Education Commission. It was also told that researchers, MS and PhD scholars were conducting their projects and were also working on their patents. Delegation was briefed about metrology grade spectroscopic ellipsometer, electro physical process reliability and such other machines.
Field representative of IDB, Inam Ulllah Khan told the meeting that bank was referring Photovoltaic Engineering projects of the member countries to IIUI’s centre for exchange of expertise and utilization of the resource through generalized institutionalization. He added that IDB was also working with HEC to assist Pakistani organizations in agriculture and information technology. The meeting also discussed bilateral cooperation and assistance of the university through science and technology IDB fund.
IIUI Rector hailed IDB for generous cooperation and assured that the centre will be open for Muslim world’s students to progress. He reiterated his resolve that IIUI will keep working to remain relevant to the societal needs and the cetnre was a prominent example.
The delegation also called on IIUI President Dr.Ahmed Yoysif Al-Draiweesh where he briefed about IIUI vision. He said that IIUI strives to make available all modern resources such as Photovoltaic Engineering so that Muslim youth do not remain dependent on rest of the world.
Later, the delegation visited the center and appreciated the facilities and stat of the arts machines and launched products at the centre.
The delegation and IIUI administration lauded Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed, Executive Director of the cemtre for creating knowledge and developing the cross-disciplinary market-driven research focused on the applications of Advanced Electronics & Photovoltaic Engineering via materials, processes, components and systems for the convergence of energy, photonic and nano-scale electronics technology avenues or platforms.

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