Illiteracy in Pakistan

Education is the most valuable aspect of life and it is very important factor in the development and growth of every economy in this informative & competitive era. Most of the countries are working on to improve their human capital and therefore they are investing a huge amount on them so that they can get the required education. Similarly, to ensure growth to be sustainable, every country has to make investment in human capital because education raises people’s productivity and creativity and promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances in the society. Education creates a competitive advantage for a country.

But, today Pakistan is facing many obstacles regarding education which is directly related to the illiteracy. According to the recently released Economic Survey 2017-18 Pakistan literacy rate is showing downward trend as compared to previous years therefore, it is a significant concern which should be seriously looked upon in order to develop Pakistan’s Economy. And this is the main priority of developing countries, in recent years, to foster the development and renewal of primary education and to eliminate illiteracy.

Illiteracy in the country leads to lack of awareness in the society about the benefits of education, destruction in numerous investment businesses and fruitful opportunities, lack of training, insufficient teaching staff in rural areas and all this means decreased economic grow. Moreover, proper education standards are not followed in schools, colleges and universities and also are not following courses in accordance with the international standard.

Education is an imperative part of our society which cannot be avoided. If a person is not educated, this will lead him/her towards choosing wrong destinations for his/her life. Education builds all the significant qualities in a person for example, by getting education, a person becomes well-mannered, punctual, strict, goal-oriented, hard worker, achiever in life, and he/she plans everything before implementing any decision, he/she becomes careful before having any loss in future, education promotes proactive approach in a person, it develops self-confidence in a person, encourages a person to take the appropriate field in his/her life with enthusiasm.

Whereas, Youth is an important factor that should be considered when providing education. They are the youngsters of a nation that hopefully become leaders in the future of a country. It is the period of conversion of an individual from adolescence to an adult and he/she is now better able to understand everything, his/her mind opens, mood changes, there are physical as well as mental changes in an individual.

This is a significant time of a person’s life where he/she should be made aware, taught each and everything about future challenges and opportunities that he/she is going to face in his/her coming years. These youngsters should be made physically, mentally, and emotionally strong, that will help the nation to become successful. Transferring all the education in different fields of subjects will make the youth more flexible, open-minded, enhance awareness and will improve their intellectual, cognitive and listening skills.

So, we should improve our educational system to be more productive. There is no doubt to say that only proper education will be able to move the wheel of progress towards success.
“Education is the ammunition that an individual can prepare today to have a better future tomorrow”.

The writer is a student of BBA 3rd year from Jinnah University For Women.

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