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Importance of Defence Day

6 September known as “Defense Day” is golden day in the history of Pakistan when Pakistan Army defeated 5 times bigger Indian Army and earned worldwide appreciation. The nation has been celebrating this day as a great day and paying homage to warriors who laid down their lives in defending the home land from treacherous enemy, and continues to acknowledge their sacrifices in ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb & Radul Fasad.
This is a day of national pride, this is a day when each and every citizen of the country was united like a rock and stood shoulder to shoulder with armed forces of Pakistan. Although our enemy violated international law by crossing our borders without any declaration of war even then our armed forces joined by people of Pakistan gave crushing defeat to India that is now a permanent part of history. All political parties forgot their differences and extended full cooperation..
Somehow or the other this war became inconclusive and having won the war on the battle field lost it on the table due to negative role played by US. Can anyone think of losing a war from the same enemy just after 6 years? The Indians after humiliating defeat in 1965 started preparations to take revenge of their defeat and we provided them with the opportunity, so they struck and dismembered our country. It was collective failure on the part of military and political leadership as we tried to impose result of ballot paper through the barrel of the gun when Gen Yahya in collaboration with Bhutto refused to honor the result of general elections held in 1970 to winning candidate sheikh Mujeeb ur Rahman and saw surrender of our troops at the hands of the Indian army.
India has always been hostile towards Pakistan since independence. They landed their army in occupied Kashmir when Mujahedeen’s had entered the valley and the Indian troops were on the run. PM of India Nehru approached British Prime Minister and begged for ceasefire that was agreed by Pakistan on firm commitment that India will hold plebiscite in occupied Kashmir under supervision of United Nations. India backed out and that resolution is still pending to be implemented by UN.
Undoubtedly Pakistan emerged victorious and united as a nation from September 1965 war but gradually what happened afterwards is pathetic story and nation stands divided in different ethnic groups and mushroom of political parties having their own agenda. Political parties need to ponder how to end war between various ethnic groups and provincial and regional biases in our day today life.Presently we are fighting war of our survival. The armed forces with the support of people of Pakistan have crushed militants and they are on the run, just few packets are left and soon country shall be free from the terrorists. We are atomic country with advanced systems of missile technology and manufacture our own tanks, guns, APC’s and planes. No matter how strong is our defense it will not be possible to defeat the army if we remain divided.
To confuse people we have made it a point to discuss civil and military relations on daily basis, a very popular subject in media without realizing its far reaching consequences. The major cause has been the misrule in the absence of rule of law. Law makers failed to strengthen the institutions.In today’s world wars are no more concern of armed forces alone. Our defence can only be effective if backed up fully by the entire nation, it calls for complete harmony, unity within country and amongst the entire nation.
We achieved success over terrorists because we fought them as one nation with common objective, it appears it was temporary affair we still remain divided and spirit of oneness is fading away. Another important factor is that we must try to stand on our own feet, no matter how friendly we may be with the donor countries, there is no free lunch ultimately we have to pay the price as happened in Yemen crisis.
Agreements MOU’s different pacts look very attractive on papers but this should never be counted as strength when waging or fighting war against enemy. We must learn to stand on our own feet, we have seen attitude of our friends and results of various pacts signed in the past when the balloon went up no one came to our help and we lost half the country. Allama Iqbal had said ‘MOMIN HAI TU BAY TEGH BHI LARTA HAI SIPAHI. History is witness and we saw glimpse of the optimistic dedication in Quaid-e-Azam who imbued the whole nation with hope and never gave up and created a new country on the globe
India has a mindset that cannot be changed. He continues to keep the borders warm. Frequent violations across LoC, working boundary and resorting to unprovoked firing has become a regular feature. Pakistan has shown greater flexibility on all matters so that core issue of Kashmir along with other outstanding issues are settled once for all. India continues to pile up heaps of ammunition. Her designs are no more a secret. She is all set to commit aggression again with greater force and far better preparations to ensure her success. Therefore we have to remain vigilant and be prepared to meet any threat from India.
It has been proved that war is not a mathematical proposition. It is not nation’s superiority in men and material but it is the will to fight the enemy and it has to be demonstrated in peace time but the way we are behaving on basic and national issues does not omen well.
Let us pledge on this day that we can fight any enemy and are united to safe guard the frontiers of our country. Let us also make firm resolve that we shall never fall prey to enemy and from within propaganda against our armed forces. Let us pledge that we shall rid this country of all type of corruption. Let us make resolve that we shall free this country from terrorists and bring peace. Let us promise to the nation we shall not allow our differences to over ride national interest. The new leadership is alive to all these problems, we need to strengthen their hands to fight common enemies.This day demands from us to pay homage to our brave soldiers, martyred in protecting our beloved home land. Let us not fall prey to negative propaganda against our armed forces and any one found indulging against the interest of state deserve not only condemnation but to be chased beyond boundaries. In the words of Sun Tzu “Regard your soldiers as your children and they will follow you in to the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death”

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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